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2000 National Trails Awards Recipients

Presented at the 2000 National Trails Symposium, Redding, California, September 24, 2000

*** TRAILS PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD: City of Indianapolis - Marion County, Indiana

The best way to protect the future is to create it -- thank you for improving our world!


Nominated By: Tom Olsen

Description: The Indianapolis Greenways Master Plan was implemented by the people whose names are seen on the screen. They have provided leadership and direction for the planning, development and fundraising, operations & promotion of over 175 miles of recreation, fitness, and conservation trail along 14 river, stream and abandoned rail corridors for a total of 4700 acres in Marion County.

*** OUTSTANDING MEDIA: Joe Miller, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina

Where Ideas Take Flight

Nominated By: Ann Coughlin

Accepting: Ann Coughlin

Description: Joe Miller is a staff writer for the Raleigh, NC News & Observer is a full-time outdoor writer and writes a weekly column called Take It Outside. His articles cover topics such as walking, hiking, mountain and road biking, backpacking, canoeing and kayaking. He incorporates new issues with lists of resources for the activity, which include Parks & Recreation Depts., pertinent clubs, nature programs & other informational sources, as well as color photos or detailed maps. He brings a personal slant to his writing by actively participating in the recreational activity rather than being an "armchair reporter."

*** OUTSTANDING TRAIL SHARING: The Santos Trail - Marion County Florida: Barbara Bardy, Kenneth Smith, Dale Gikiere

A Tribute to the American Spirit

Nominated By: Debbie Parrish

Accepting: Debbie Parrish

Description: This multi-use trail caters to equestrian, hiking and mountain biking trail users, proving that determination, cooperation and lots of patience pays off. The recipients work together as volunteer coordinators for their respective user groups and have worked to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner. Each group blazed & mapped their respective trails & events are coordinated so as not to coincide with each other.

*** PARTNERSHIP: Bear Creek Greenway Foundation, Medford, Oregon

Inspiring committed people to change the world!

Nominated By: Karen Smith

Accepting: Lee Mills, Oxford Suites, President

Description: The nonprofit Bear Creek Greenway Foundation as developed in an extraordinary network of partnerships to help achieve the goals of completing an 18 mile trail connecting five cities in Southern Oregon.

*** TRAILS & THE ARTS: Ventura Public Art Program, Ventura, CA

The best way to protect the future is to create it!

Nominated By: Kerry Adams

Description: The Ventura River Trail is a 4.2 million, six-mile, multi-use pedestrian/bicycle/equestrian trail, running parallel to the Ventura River that connects the state-owned Omer Rains Trail to the Ventura Co. Ojai Valley Trail, providing a beautiful path from the mountains to the sea. The Public Art Program commissioned seven prominent regional artists to create 8 public art works that enhance the trail users experience, provide public access to works of art that highlight local history and the unique identity of Ventura, contributing to its sense of place. Sculptures serve as marketers and incorporate vintage oil industry drilling implements.

*** STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY: Turtle Bay Calatrava Pedestrian Bridge on the Sacramento River Trail

Bringing innovative design with technical achievement!

Nominated By: Kathy Jenkins & Terry Hanson


Description: Designed by world renowned architect Dr. Santiago Calatrava, the bridge will span the greatest natural asset in the city's center &endash; the majestic Sacramento River, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the salmon habitat below. Natural light will filter through it's state-of-the-art glass decking. The design is based on the geometry of nature in movement, evoking a sense of weightlessness, reflecting rather than disturbing the riparian ecosystem.

*** CORPORATE: American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Defining the American Spirit!

Nominated By: Jack Placcchi

Accepting: Paul Slavik

Description: An outstanding example of a corporate supporter of trails, they have partnered with Tread lightly, Colorado State Parks, US Forest Service & local motorcycle clubs to accomplish trail restoration & management projects across the state, providing funds, workshops, design curriculum and products, as well as support for safety & volunteer programs.

*** PLANNING & DESIGN: Turtle Bay Calatrava Pedestrian Bridge Planning Team

Celebrating the climb - leaders to the summit of excellence!

Nominated By: Kathy Jenkins & Terry Hanson


Description: The Calatrava pedestrian bridge will unify the 300-acre Turtle Bay Exploration Park campus, connecting the complex of Art, History, Science and Forestry Museums to the expansive Arboretum, Native American Sites, Butterfly Pavilion and bird exhibits located on the opposite side of the river.

*** TRAIL CIVIL SERVANT: Stuart Macdonald, State Trails Coordinator, Colorado State Parks

Inspiring committed people to change the world!

Nominated By: Bob Finch

Description: Stuart was the first State Trails Coordinator the State of Colorado & has worked in this capacity since 1984. He was instrumental in building the Colorado State program into a nationally recognized trail program, has received numerous awards for his efforts & has been extremely active in the American Trails organization. He is a prolific writer, including Internet pieces and a publisher of numerous trail related newsletters. He is leaving the Colorado State Trail Program after 16 years & his commitment and energy will be sorely missed. He is moving on to better things!

*** LIFETIME SERVICE: Hulet Hornbeck

Recognizing a lifetime of standing ovations - Thank you for lighting our way!

Nominated: Steve Fiala

Description: Mr. Hulet Clark Hornbeck, a New Jersey native has been a lifetime conservationist and outdoorsman. It was in the Army Air Force during WW2, where Hulet's skills in navigation, map reading, understanding of topography, and natural instincts resulted in his assignment of lead navigator in the Battle of the Coral Sea. After the war, Hulet studied Forestry at University of Maine and received a law degree in 1949 from Rutgers University.

His formal career in professional parkland & trail acquisition began in 1965, as Chief & Assistant General Manager of East Bay Regional Park District's Land Acquisition Division, where he worked until 1985. Hulet's vision was clear from the beginning of his career, "I am well aware of the potential of open lands and the experience they can provide. I believe they are essential to the well being of our citizens and future generations." EBPD manages over 91,000 acresoflan, 1000 miles of trails, 150 of which are in regional, recreational & transportation trails systems, linking communities, schools, residential areas, shops, business parks, regional recreation facilities & public transportation centers.

However, most of us know of Hulet's volunteer efforts on behalf of trails. He has has held office with the following organizations: National Trails Council, American Hiking Society, California Conservation Council, Sierra Club, Northern CA Region Conservation Committee, Contra Costa County Park & Recreation Council (Pres), CA Trails & Greenway Foundation, Regional Parks Association, American Trails (founder), Heritage Trails Fun, Amigos de Anza, CA Recreational Trails Committee (chair), East Bay Area Trails Council (Co-Founder).


In presenting this award in 1995, Donald Murphy of CA Dept. of Parks & Recreation said, "Hulet, probably your most important contribution is in passing your vision on to others. The value of that message is beyond measure." American Trails is proud to present Mr. Hulet Clark Hornbeck with the Naqtional Lifetime Service Award as he has demonstrated longstanding, significant and exemplary service to trails planning, implementation and recreation.

State Trail Advocacy Awards

For trail advocates who have demonstrated successful efforts to influence public policy relating to trail planning, trail protection, trail development, or maintenance.

** Arizona -- Jan Hancock

** California -- Phyllis Cangemi

** Colorado -- Jack Welch

** Florida -- Ken Bryan

** Illinois -- John O'Dell

** Indiana -- Tom Olsen

** North Carolina -- Allen DeHart

** North Dakota -- Curt Glasoe

** South Carolina -- Bill Victor

** Virginia -- Bill Foot

** West Virginia -- Lucian Schrader

** Wyoming -- Teri Manning

State Trail Worker Awards

For trail enthusiasts who have made outstanding contributions and provided consistent support for trail planning, development, or maintenance. This award recognizes the commitment and efforts of individuals working for trail recreation in their local area or state.

** Arizona -- Eric Smith

** California -- Don Beers

** Colorado -- Dick Bratton

** Delaware -- Paul Layton

** Florida -- Jack Terrell

** Indiana -- Ray R. Irvin

** Maine -- David R. Getchell, Sr.

** Missouri -- C. Marvin Harwood Sr. and Richard Wessel

** New York -- Ed Sidote

** North Dakota -- Russ Walsh

** Ohio -- Paul Daniel

** South Carolina -- Jimmy Parrish

** Utah -- Marv & Kathleen Stoddard

** Vermont -- Rolf Anderson

** Wyoming --Lloyd Briggs

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