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BENEFITS of being a Symposium Sponsor/Exhibitor

Become a Symposium sponsor or exhibitor!

Download the Sponsor/Exhibitor Opportunities and Benefits Package (pdf 70kb)

Bring more visibility to your organization, projects, and programs by becoming a sponsor or an exhibitor for the 17th National Trails Symposium. American Trails and state hosts and are proud to sponsor the 2004 Symposium which includes a major products and services American Community Exhibit Hall, The Symposium will be held at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, October 21-24, 2004.

It is American Trails' intention to build lasting partnerships with federal, state, and local trail managing agencies, trail user and advocacy groups, and businesses. We work to meet this mission by providing sponsorship and advertising opportunities, as well as an extensive, diversified and professional Exhibit Hall. Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept., Austin Parks and Recreation Dept., Texas Trails Network traversed by the American Lifestyle Trail and Greenway, an interactive demonstration area.

ACT NOW! With the amount of early interest in and popularity of Austin, we expect to fill the exhibit space. We want you to receive the maximum recognition and appearance in printed materials is subject to meeting print deadlines.

How many people attend the Symposium and who generally attends?

The 2002 Symposium had over 500 full registrants, 25 single day registrants, eight scholarship recipients (including students), 143 sponsors (of which 106 were also exhibitors), 160 presenters and VIPs, as well as approximately 175 volunteers, local mobile workshop coordinators, and media. Forty six states, Canada and the United Kingdom were represented. The 2000 Symposium in Redding, California had 539 full registrants, with representatives from forty six states, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Canada, and 92 sponsors. The Tucson, Arizona Symposium in 1998 had attendance of 620 and the 1996 Symposium in Washington, D.C. attracted approximately 350 delegates. Our numbers and the diversity of attendees continue to grow with each Symposium!

American Trails fully expects the attendance at the 2004 Symposium to exceed the 2002 numbers. Attendees include trail planners, contractors, volunteers, engineers, land managers, administrators, media, trail user and trail advocacy organizations, company/industry representatives, and anyone interested in trails. Symposium attendees consist of approximately 65% agency representatives and 35% private sector advocates.

The 17th National Trails Symposium will be the highlight of the year for most trail professionals.

Taking advantage of these sponsorship opportunities would be very beneficial for anyone with products, projects, and/or services to offer the trails community. In the American Community Exhibit Hall, we hope to have every state showcased along the Trail of States. Trail user and advocacy organizations can show their pride and projects along the Trail of Advocacy.

The 2004 Symposium will give you the opportunity to display your products, services and projects to more professionals than ever before. Invitations will be sent throughout the U.S. and a number of other countries, via mailings and broadcast emails, to a multitude of lists compiled from our membership, previous symposiums, Federal, State and local agencies, advocacy and trail user groups. The Symposium will be heavily promoted on our website, in newsletter publications and through the distribution of flyers at other conferences during 2003 and 2004. We anticipate 800-1000 attendees for the 2004 Symposium, over 150 sponsors, and that our exhibit space will be filled. In addition to the conference registrants, speakers and approximately 200 volunteers will have numerous opportunities to visit the Exhibit Hall. The general public will also be invited to the American Community Exhibit Hall opening event.

We have developed an impressive Sponsorship/Exhibitor Benefits Package with many levels of sponsorship from which to choose, designed to bring more visibility to your organization. Exhibitors will highlight the industry's state-of-the-art products and services, offer demonstrations, showcase successes, and answer questions. The Exhibit Hall will be designed to maximize interaction and information exchange. For the first time, we will also offer special advertising opportunities to Sponsor/Exhibitors!

Why should you sponsor and/or advertise?

  • Showcase your products, services, projects, and programs
  • Build your image and increase your market visibility
  • Reach the decision makers
  • Help keep registration fees low to draw more attendees
  • Provide scholarships to encourage youth participation and diversification in the trails community
  • Support the important work American Trails does to serve you throughout the year
  • Texans: show off your state and your cutting-edge projects and programs

What can you sponsor?

  • Meals
  • Breaks
  • "Happy Trails" Hours
  • Auction Items
  • Exhibits
  • Speakers
  • Conference Favors
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Special Events
  • Publication Design/Printing
  • Scholarships
  • Pre-Symposium Receptions
  • AND... the American Lifestyles Trail & Greenway!

Where can you advertise?

  • Registration Book
  • Event Program
  • Name Badge/Lanyards
  • Attendee Gift Bag
  • Event Signage
  • Tickets

If you sponsor an exhibit, who will see it?

The general public will be invited to visit the American Community Exhibit Hall at no charge on Thursday, October 21, 2004, between 3:00 and 6:30 p.m. The Exhibit Hall will be open to Symposium attendees from 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 21 through 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 23, 2004. Read about the Austin Convention Center.

What is The American Lifestyles Trail & Greenway?

This year's American Community Exhibit Hall will offer a new special attraction for our attendees and guests— and a unique opportunity to Sponsor/Exhibitors. Symposium supporters will work together to construct the American Lifestyle Trail & Greenway, with all the amenities, including a central gathering area, that will traverse the indoor Exhibit Hall to showcase exhibitor's products, services and contributions to trails in America.

Those Sponsor/Exhibitors who select from one of the top five levels of support will have the opportunity to participate. As a benefit, your company or organization will receive preferred booth placement, contingent on a first-come, first-served basis and booth availability (some restrictions apply).

This is your chance to let your imaginations roam, put your creative talent to work and attract national attention. Do you do trail surfacing or soil stabilization? Build bridges, walkways or water features? Design, engineer or landscape projects? Provide mapping, surveying or GIS services? Do you supply tools, restrooms, or building equipment such as dozers, excavators or wheelbarrows? What about outdoor lighting, furniture, bike racks or shade structures? Trail gear, apparel, sporting goods, trail snacks and supplies? Want to set a scene with your outdoor vehicles, canoes, snowmobiles, bicycles or equestrian gear? (Once sited, vehicles cannot be operated indoors). And what's a trail without signage, maps and art. Are you a Texas City or County who wants to show off the trail projects in your community? The sky's the limit!

This project will surely be a centerpiece and "place to be" at the Symposium. The eyes of Texas will be upon it!

What is the Trail Toys Equipment Expo?

Vendors will demonstrate equipment, tools and materials used in the construction, maintenance and signing of trails at this popular offsite field trip on Saturday afternoon, October 23. Prior to the Trail Toys Equipment Expo, vendors will have had the opportunity to showcase their products in the American Community Exhibit Hall (both booth space and the American Lifestyles Trail & Greenway opportunities are available) at the conference site and to discuss their products with interested Symposium participants. The Equipment Expo is designed to move one step farther and allow vendors to actually show "Trail Toys" at work! Exhibits will range from large trail tractors, soil surfacing materials, and trailbuilding tools to goat packing equipment— and lots of things in between. Read about the Austin Convention Center.


  • A Guide to Sponsors and Exhibitors, Attendees, and Presenters will be provided to all attendees, and will include Exhibitor contact information including website address and a 100-word description of services or products offered.
  • Exhibitors will receive a list of the Symposium delegates.
  • Each sponsorship category will have signage, displayed prominently, with all respective sponsor names listed on it, as well as an illustration of the representative bird. ! A name sign will be provided for each booth. American Trails members will receive a special designation decal.
  • Exhibitors may sell their products or services at the Symposium. Note: Exhibitors are responsible for paying all applicable taxes. American Trails will not collect any taxes on behalf of exhibitors.
  • "Happy Trails" hours and breaks will take place in or adjacent to the Exhibit Hall.
  • To build public awareness of trails, the general public will be invited to visit the American Community Exhibit Hall at no charge on Thursday, October 21, 2004, from 3:00 to 6:30 p.m.
  • The always-popular Silent Auction display will be located in the Exhibit Hall.
  • A refreshment hospitality area will be provided for sponsors/exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors are eligible for the discounted Symposium lodging rates.
  • Exhibitors will receive discounted rates for advertisements placed in the Registration Book and/or Program. (Contact the American Trails office for a rate and specification packet.)
  • Exhibitors will receive a 10% discount on a one-year advertising opportunity on the American Trails website and/or in Trail Tracks, American Trails' newsletter, the nation's only newsletter for all trail advocates, managers, and industry representatives. (Contact the American Trails office to receive an Advertising Packet.)

Download the Sponsor/Exhibitor Opportunities and Benefits Package (pdf 70kb)