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Mobile Workshop details

CANYON OF THE EAGLES LODGE AND NATURE PARK (choose from 3 options below)
Thursday - October 21
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

photo of tour boat on big lake
Lake Buchanan

Learn how a public agency and private developer teamed up to create a first class recreation destination and maximized funding resources. This unique nature park is a public/private partnership between the Lower Colorado River Authority and the Presidian Corporation. The 940-acre facility includes a lodge, 12 miles of hiking trails, five miles of beach on a lake, a nature preserve, and camping sites. The morning will include a history of the project and a tour of the facilities. Lunch will be at the Lodge. After lunch, three options will be available:

Cost: $60.00 (Includes lunch)

Take the "Canyon Challenge" which involves problem solving and skill building as you trek through three miles of natural surface trails and the waters of Lake Buchanan in search of your next destination, and the problem it poses. The group will be divided into teams with each learning the basics of Global Positioning System (GPS) and the use of this technology to navigate in the outdoors. You will then depart on a scavenger hunt that takes you to the four corners of the earth— well not really, but pretty close.

Cost: $60.00 (Includes lunch)

Come explore Lake Buchanan and the park namesake, Canyon of the Eagles (during November through February eagles nest on the cliffs of the lake). The sightseeing tour will be on a 120-passenger paddle wheel boat that travels upriver to view waterfalls, a rich variety of wildlife, and the unique geology of the Llano Uplift. The river cruise is a fully accessible tour.

Cost: $75.00 (Includes lunch)

Choose this paddling adventure if you're after more up-close and physical sightseeing. The trip begins with a ride to the mouth of the Colorado River. From there, you will spend about two hours paddling the river in kayaks and exploring a series of winding inlets fed by a pair of natural waterfalls. With any luck, you may glimpse great blue herons, egrets, osprey, wild goat, deer and boar.

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