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Mobile Workshop details

Saturday - October 23
Time: 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. • Cost: $25.00

trail motorcycles photo
The Emma Long Park Motorcycle Trail

Come and see how motorcyclists, mountain bikers, and nature lovers, comfortably share the same park and trails.

The 1,147-acre Austin city park has many varied components. Large areas of the park are endangered species habitat. The park has a waterfront on Lake Austin with a beach and camping facilities. One of its most unique facilities is the six and one-half mile loop trail for technical motorcycle riding. Members of a local motorcycle club will be on hand to offer a demonstration of their riding skills on this challenging course.

The rugged natural surface trail also offers mountain bike riders a chance to test their skills. In addition, the mountain bike riders will demonstrate a new and upcoming trail activity called "free riding." Discussions will center on how this trail is cooperatively shared and maintained by both the motorcycle enthusiasts and the mountain bike riders. Nearby is the Turkey Creek Nature trail.

This two and one-half mile trail offers an easy hike in a scenic area. This natural surface trail follows a small meandering creek, so be prepared to step through shallow water. The trail was built with assistance from a local Boy Scout Troop. Some scouts will be on hand to tell how their volunteer efforts created a nature trail.

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