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American Trails

Mobile Workshop details

Saturday - October 23
Time: 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. • Cost: $35.00

logo: the emerging role of trails in American lifestyles

Learn how community groups were able to open the sensitive Slaughter Creek Watershed Protection Lands for public use. This public property is set aside to preserve Austin's water quality and quantity over the sensitive Edwards Aquifer recharge zone.

After an extensive public planning process, these sensitive lands have been opened for a multi-use trail. Participants included the National Park Service, the Austin Metro Trails and Greenways organization, the Austin Parks Foundation, the Austin Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Club, and the Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Association, and others.

Learn how this grassroots planning process came to a successful conclusion. Gain first hand experience in the newest techniques in sustainable trail building made possible by the Texas Bicycle Coalition. The Subaru Bike Texas Trail Doctors, along with the IMBA Trail Care Crew will give a trail building demonstration that will showcase these techniques. The seminar will cover basic trail planning and construction for moderate conditions.

The trail will be under construction, so come prepared to learn by doing. The project will result in a natural surface trail over uneven terrain.

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