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Tree trunks photo
Tree trunks photo
Congress Overwhelmingly Saves Enhancements


For more information, resources, and talking points on Transportation Enhancements, see our TE ACTION page

The bipartisan amendment sponsored by Representatives Petri and Olver passed today by a vote of 327 to 90! The many speakers in favor of the amendment (Democrats and Republicans) were eloquent and dynamic in debate! The amendment was sponsored by Congressmen Tom Petri (R-WI) and John Olver (D-MA). To see the roll call voting results go to

This is the first floor vote on Transportation Enhancements; there are many to follow in this appropriations and reauthorization process. Trail advocates must remain vigilant as opponents of the program will take any opportunity in the current legislative session to undermine this important program.

According to Dan Grunig of Bicycle Colorado, "This victory not only restores $812 million in dedicated funding for 2004, it puts the bicycle and pedestrian community on strong footing for the bigger battle over the reauthorization of TEA-21, the 6 year transportation funding bill."

We are so proud of the trails community and how everyone rallied! Everyone came together and shared information and resources and made the "calls." We are going to be better for it and stronger as we reauthorize. Thank you for all of your work and your networking that helped make this vote possible. Give yourself a big pat on the back - and then go use your favorite TE-funded trail and celebrate! Cheers!

--Pam Gluck, Executive Director American Trails 530-547-2060


September 4, 2003
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