Get ready to spend $800 million on biking & walking NOW

From Jeffrey Miller, Alliance for Biking & Walking

December 17, 2009


As you may know, the House recently passed a jobs bill with $75 billion in funding for infrastructure, including $27.5 billion to highway ands $8.4 billion to transit.

The $27.5 billion going to highways is proposed to be broken down in the exact same manner as the stimulus with a 3 percent set-aside for transportation enhancements (TE), totaling $800 million; See list below for funding available in your state.

In the proposed jobs bill, (AMENDMENT TO THE SENATE AMENDMENT TO H.R. 2847) State DOTs are now required to have HALF of their funds under contract within 90 days. They do not necessarily have to spend half their TE by that date, just half of all their funding (this will be harder than last time and if states have to send back money, we are worried that TE will likely be rescinded). To ensure that more of these funds are spent on bicycle and pedestrian projects, it is important to have them truly "ready to go."

DOTs are going to be moving these funds out the door incredibly quickly once the bill is signed into law. When DOTs move quickly, they usually turn to large projects like highways and to projects that are ready to go out to bid, which also favors highway projects.

The Senate is expected to take up the bill sometime in January, so State DOTs have some extra time now to start preparing projects to be "ready to go." Therefore, it is crucial for you to advocate with your State DOT for bicycle and pedestrian projects and to get these bike / ped projects ready to go too.


State TE ARRA Funds

Alabama $15,410,762
Alaska $5,263,845
Arizona $15,658,752
Arkansas $10,546,334
California $77,087,050
Colorado $12,117,724
Connec=cut $9,061,619
Delaware $3,654,860
District of Columbia $3,705,235
Florida $40,402,050
Georgia $27,947,570
Hawaii $3,772,391
Idaho $5,458,039
Illinois $28,067,781
Indiana $19,739,031
Iowa $10,744,837
Kansas $10,434,515
Kentucky $12,362,850
Louisiana $12,895,783
Maine $3,922,561
Maryland $12,931,043
MassachuseNs $13,135,958
Michigan $25,416,145
Minnesota $15,068,525
Mississippi $10,636,930
Missouri $19,113,660
Montana $6,353,802
Nebraska $7,067,678
Nevada $6,040,574
New Hampshire $3,883,217
New Jersey $19,553,234
New Mexico $7,579,331
New York $33,620,542
North Carolina $22,056,081
North Dakota $5,103,795
Ohio $28,070,311
Oklahoma $13,939,657
Oregon $10,017,032
Pennsylvania $30,792,870
Rhode Island $4,112,872
South Carolina $13,892,444
South Dakota $5,490,821
Tennessee $17,181,031
Texas $67,500,454
Utah $6,406,370
Vermont $3,773,739
Virginia $20,883,825
Washington $14,767,270
West Virginia $6,325,566
Wisconsin $15,837,357
Wyoming $4,728,482
Total $799,534,205

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