Nez Perce National Forest announces seasonal recreation positions

January 18, 2010


Temporary/ Seasonal Employment on the Clearwater and Salmon River Ranger Districts

Nez Perce National Forest

Trail Crew Leader – 1 position
• Ability to work independently without supervision
• Must possess demonstrated skills and abilities to plan work and lead crews in construction and maintenance of pack trails and ATV trails including trail structures such as bridges, turnpikes, and sidehill trail reconstruction
• Must have solid experience operating and maintaining chainsaws, brushing saws, OHVs, rock drills, winches and wire rope rigging, generators, crosscut saws, axes, pulaskis, 1 ton 4 wheel drive vehicles, stock trailers, and skill handling horses and mules
• Organizational and computer skills sufficient to perform necessary USFS human resource functions such as time sheets, travel vouchers, and procurement requests

Announcement #s’ may include

• TEMP-OCR-462-6-REC - Forestry Technician-Recreation, GS-0462-06, ~$16.44/hr (2009)

•TEMP-OCR-462-6-WLDN - Forestry Technician-Wilderness, GS-0462-06, ~$16.44/hr (2009)

• TEMP-OCR-4749-5-MTNC - Maintenance Worker, WG-4749-05, $16.37/hr (2009)

• TEMP-OCR-3502-3 LBR LDR - Laborer Leader, WL-3502-03, $15.53/ hr (2009)

Trail Crew Laborer – 3 positions
• Ability to work with minimal supervision
• Experience planning and preparing for multiday backcountry trips involving backpacking with very heavy weight (65 lb – 75 lb) for 10 days
• Exposure to or experience with manual labor tasks sufficient to perform trail construction and maintenance duties such as operating chainsaws to clear fallen trees or using a brushing saw to clear dense tree saplings from along a trail corridor
• Announcement #s may include

• TEMP-OCR-3502-2 LABOR - Laborer, WG-3502-02, $13.01/hr (2009)

• TEMP-OCR-3502-3 LABOR - Laborer, WG-3502-03, $14.11/hr (2009)

• TEMP-OCR-462-4-TRAIL - Forestry Technician-Trails, GS-0462-04, ~$13.18/hr (2009)

•TEMP-OCR-462-5-TRAIL - Forestry Technician-Trails, GS-0462-05, $14.74/hr (2009)

Animal Packer/Wilderness Technician – 1 position
• Ability to operate 1 ton 4 wheel drive vehicle pulling a horse trailer with up to 6 animals
• Demonstrated experience packing, riding, and caring for riding stock and packstock
• Other duties may include patrolling trails to report on current conditions, inspection of trail contractor work, cleaning up abandoned hunting camps, and repair of fences at administrative pastures
• May be required to lead small groups of laborers performing trail maintenance tasks
• Announcement #’s may include
• TEMP-OCR-462-6-WLDN - Forestry Technician-Wilderness, GS-0462-06, $16.44/hr (2009)
• TEMP-OCR-462-6-REC - Forestry Technician-Recreation, GS-0462-06, $16.44/hr (2009)
• TEMP-OCR-4749-5-MTNC - Maintenance Worker, WG-4749-05, $16.37/hr (2009)

Recreation Technician/ Maintenance Worker – 3 positions
• Ability to work independently without supervision
• Ability to learn the operation, maintenance, and testing requirements for 3 campground water systems
• Collect fees at 6 recreation sites
• Computer skills sufficient to maintain contact with National Recreation Reservation System to track and post reservations at 4 reservation sites
• Manual labor skills sufficient to operate lawn mowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, clean toilets, paint signs, pick up litter, clean out fire rings, etc
• Organizational and interpersonal skills sufficient to provide information to the public, other Forest Service employees, and volunteer campground hosts

Announcement #’s may include
• TEMP-OCR-462-6-REC - Forestry Technician-Recreation, GS-0462-06, $16.44/hr (2009)
• TEMP-OCR-462-5-REC - Forestry Technician-Recreation, GS-0462-05, $14.74/hr (2009)
• TEMP-OCR-462-4-REC - Forestry Technician-Recreation, GS-0462-04, $13.18/hr (2009)
• TEMP-OCR-4749-5-MTNC - Maintenance Worker, WG-4749-05, $16.37/hr (2009)
• TEMP-OCR-3502-3 LBR LDR - Laborer Leader, WL-3502-03, $15.53/hr (2009
• TEMP-OCR-3502-3 LABOR - Laborer, WG-3502-03, $14.11/hr (2009)
• TEMP-OCR-3502-2 LABOR - Laborer, WG-3502-02, $13.01/hr (2009)

Administratively the Salmon River and Clearwater Ranger Districts are referred to as the West Zone. The West Zone is responsible for administration of 778 miles of trails and 35 recreation sites. Trails are variously open to hiking, horseback riding, motorcycles, and ATVs. Recreation sites include campgrounds that charge fees, free campgrounds, boat ramps on the Salmon River, trailheads, picnic areas, and interpretive sites.

In 2009 the Salmon River and Clearwater Ranger Districts hired 7 temporary/ seasonal employees. We also had 6 volunteers working and living in 3 different campgrounds. The trail crew consisted of 4 members all working at Slate Creek Ranger Station; a GS-6 crew leader, a WL-3 assistant crew leader, and 2 members at the GS-4 level. The recreation crew consisted of a GS-6 recreation technician in Grangeville and 2 recreation technicians at the GS-5 level working at Slate Creek Ranger Station. South Fork Campground had 1 volunteer host, Fish Creek Campground had 2 volunteer hosts, and Spring Bar Campground had 3 volunteer hosts. These are the same campgrounds that have water systems and are where we collect use fees.

Nearly 500 miles of trails were maintained in 2009 by the zone trail crew, the Backcountry Horsemen (Twin Rivers and North Central Idaho Chapters), Pathfinders ATV Club, High Mountain Trail Machine Association, or private trail contractors. In 2010 the trail crew will work with Montana Conservation Corps Crews for 18 weeks performing routine maintenance and construction projects on the West Zone. Applicants for trail crew positions need to have solid skills in order to be considered.

In 2010 the recreation program will be adding several new concrete vault toilets, assessing danger trees in campgrounds, and supervising 2 fencing projects with Idaho Department of Corrections.

Currently the West Zone Recreation Staff consists of 1 permanent Recreation Technician who oversees field operations and 1 Supervisory Forester involved in NEPA planning projects. Next season the permanent staff will be down to 1, so seasonal employees who apply for Forest Service jobs must understand that the ability to work without supervision will be the most important skill evaluated for. If you have had trouble showing up for work on time, have trouble planning work or following simple instructions, need constant oversight, or do not understand what showing initiative means then seasonal employment with the Forest Service will not suit you.

In addition it should be understood these jobs involve substantial amounts of driving. The West Zone is a vast area covering 600, 000 acres with elevations ranging from less than 2,000’ on the Salmon River to 8,000’ along the Gospel Hump road into the Gospel Hump Wilderness Area. The ability to safely operate a 4 wheel drive vehicle with a manual transmission is a necessity. The Forest Service requires that drivers be evaluated for driving skill by a Forest Service driver evaluator. This test is not training. Simply put if you cannot pass a driving test with the evaluator, then you cannot operate a Forest Service vehicle. Please keep this requirement in mind before considering employment.

These positions are expected to last for 6 months. Ideally positions would begin in April and work until October, but some positions may start sooner or last longer than 6 months.
Create an applicant profile and apply for jobs at .
For more information regarding positions contact David Hepler at 208-983-4018 or email at

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