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Tree trunks photo
Tree trunks photo

Please help trails and greenways ravaged by Katrina

By Pam Gluck, American Trails Executive Director

As you are aware, Hurricane Katrina, on August 29, 2005, caused the loss of numerous lives, the loss of jobs, and mass destruction along the Gulf Coast. But other casualties of the hurricane are trails and greenways. We urge you to consider helping rebuild these vital community assets.

The Longleaf Trace, Mississippi

The Longleaf Trace is a 40-mile trail from Hattiesburg to Prentiss, MS. Even though FEMA will contribute over $1 million, trail supporters and its governing authority will be responsible for approximately $100,000 of the cost of cleaning up more than 20,000 trees, numerous hazards, and debris along the trail to return it to its intended function.

Help is needed from the many thousands of bikers, hikers, bladers, and horseback riders who enjoy and support the Longleaf Trace. Everyone will want to support the recovery of this National Recreation Trail. They would appreciate very much, your solicitation of cash to assist, as the governing authority of the Longleaf Trace does not have the funds necessary to pay its estimated share of cost for the debris clean-up and return of a functional Longleaf Trace. If you can assist, please send check to Longleaf Trace, P O Box 15187, Hattiesburg MS 39404 . For more information call (601) 450-5247 or visit

The Mississippi River Trail, Louisiana

MRT, Inc. is working on ways to impact the disaster-ridden hurricane area along the coast. MRT has been successful in designating approximately 320 miles of trail in Louisiana and had another 75 miles under development in the impacted area below New Orleans. Roughly 20% of the MRT system was been affected by the storm.

Trails are important to recovery because appropriate green infrastructure planning and development will help shape the new future of New Orleans and southern Louisiana as it has many other thriving cities and metropolitan regions.

Please help MRT, Inc. help the Mississippi River Trail; please donate today to Mississippi River Trail, Inc., 858 N. Jackson, Fayetteville AR 72701. For more information: (479) 444-0678; or

American Trails partner sends solar-powered lighting

SOL, Inc., in conjunction with the Louisiana State Police, has installed the first 30 solar-powered lighting systems at critical areas around New Orleans. "These systems have been battle-tested in areas beset by hurricanes and other disasters, here and abroad. We feel privileged to be able to bring some light and hope to these communities," said Michael Sonnenfeldt, chairman of SOL, Inc. He also said, "During the next phase we expect to bring lights to areas of New Orleans and beyond which would otherwise be without lights for weeks and maybe months to come. These lights will be the first signs on a long road to recovery and will help stabilize local conditions." Visit

November 28, 2005
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