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Marshall University presents series of OHV courses

Online courses teach best practices for off-highway vehicle recreation management 

There is now an opportunity for professional land managers, college students, and riding enthusiasts to learn current best practices about off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation and the planning, design, construction, and management of OHV areas and facilities.  Courses on these subjects are available online and they carry university academic credit.  All courses are offered for undergraduate and graduate credit.
            The Marshall University Recreation and Park Resources program, in cooperation with the Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute (RTI) and the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), has developed a series of OHV courses.  The course objectives are to provide career employees, college students, and riding enthusiasts with state-of-the-art information on this subject.
            Individuals who enroll and complete these online courses will receive university academic credit and they will learn about the history and evolution of OHV recreation; the various local, state, and federal agencies that develop and manage OHV areas and facilities; and the commercial and private agencies and organizations that support and promote the sport.  In addition, students will learn about the planning, design, construction, and management of OHV facilities.  Marshall University students who complete all four courses in the series will earn a minor in OHV Recreation.
            Currently enrolled college and university students at other institutions may utilize credits earned in these courses toward their own degree programs with the approval of those institutions.  Upon request, Marshall University will provide appropriate academic credit transfer information to other interested institutions.
            Marshall University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Park Resources with an emphasis in parks and conservation.  Marshall University faculty participated in the creation of the Hatfield-McCoy trail system in southern West Virginia.  Many students in this academic program have completed their senior internships with Hatfield-McCoy and a number of them have become full-time employees.
PLS 450/550
Introduction to Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation (3 semester hours)
            A course designed to cover the history and evolution of off-highway vehicle recreation, areas, facilities, vehicle types, use, demand, professional organizations, legislation, legal issues, conflict resolution, and OHV parks.
PLS 451/551
Planning and Design of OHV Trails (3 semester hours)
            A course designed to guide students through the process of planning and design of off-highway vehicle trails and related support facilities utilizing state-of-the-art procedures and technology including land capability analysis, factors that influence design, mode of travel, and design relative to riding difficulty ratings.
PLS 452/552
Construction of OHV Trail Systems (3 semester hours)
            A course designed to present the best, and most widely accepted, practices related to the construction of off-highway vehicle trails and related support facilities including tools and equipment, recognized construction techniques, trail reinforcement, and modifying and rehabilitating existing trails.
PLS 453/553
Operation and Management of OHV Trail Systems (3 semester hours)
            A course designed to present students with guidelines and recommended techniques and best practices for operating and managing OHV trail systems including organizational structure options, protection and law enforcement, user conflicts, risk management, public relations, consumer services, marketing, and special events and activities.
General Information:  - click on “Marshall University OHV Program” - Go to “Training”, scroll down and click on “Marshall University OHV Management Courses”

For further information, contact:
Raymond Busbee, Professor Emeritus
(706) 216-3885

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