Regional Trail Coordinator – Northwest Arkansas

APRIL 16, 2013


Closing date is 05-15-2013


Position Description

Northwest Arkansas nonprofit is seeking energetic and experienced candidates to apply for the newly created position of Regional Trails Coordinator.

The successful candidate will work with local governments and private sector interests to help plan, market, and promote the regional trail system throughout Northwest Arkansas (defined as Benton and Washington counties).

The position is one of leadership with respect to planning, programming and executing efforts to promote and market the Northwest Arkansas Regional Trail System throughout the state of Arkansas, US Midwest, nationally, and Internationally.

Additionally, the position will be responsible for planning and executing a variety of programs that serve to engage and involve residents and visitors to Northwest Arkansas for events that take place on greenways and trails throughout the region.

The goal of these events and programs is to support education, recreation, health and wellness, economic development, transportation efficiency and environmental stewardship.

The Coordinator will:

  • Report to the Chief Operating Officer

  • Work with an advisory group of regional stakeholders to develop and execute an annual program of work

  • Provide periodic updates and annual reports to members and regional stakeholder groups.

    Responsibilities of the Regional Trail Coordinator

    The following are the key responsibilities of the Regional Trail Coordinator:

  1. 1)  Market and promote the Northwest Arkansas Regional Trails System.

  2. 2)  Work with local governments and private sector partners to plan events and program activities that take place on greenways throughout the region.

  3. 3)  Raise funds to support events on the regional trail system.

  4. 4)  Work in partnership with local governments and the private sector to coordinate efforts to plan, design and build a regional trail system.

  5. 5)  Review, develop, submit, and advocate public policies that favor further development of the regional trail system.

  6. 6)  Other duties as assigned.


Regional Trail Coordinator – Northwest Arkansas Detailed Responsibilities

The following are the detailed responsibilities of the Regional Trail Coordinator:

Marketing and Promotion: Work with state of Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas local governments, private sector businesses, and non-profits to market and promote the regional trail system of Northwest Arkansas. This should include developing branding, marketing and promotional materials and campaigns for print, radio, television, digital and Internet based media. Campaign should tout the multiple benefits of regional trails, including but not limited to education, recreation, economic, transportation, health and wellness, and environmental stewardship.

Coordinator is expected to describe the marketing and promotion program and associated deliverables. Coordinator will define the work program to generate the deliverables, timeframe for completing work, budget needed to generate work and deliverables, source of funding.

Event Planning and Programming: Work with local governments, private businesses, and non-profits to describe, define, produce, and deliver a variety of greenway-oriented events and programs that make use of the regional trails system. Programs and events should occur throughout the region on the sites of current or future greenways. Events should be diverse, and based on cultural, outdoor recreation, wellness, and economic development themes. Develop a calendar of events and programs, and coordinate these with regional public and private sector partners. Define who is responsible for hosting a given event or program, help to determine resources necessary to hold an event, timeframe for executing event and attend event as regional trails representative.

Fundraising: Work with local governments, private business, and non-profits to identify sources of funding that can be used to support marketing, promotion and events for the Northwest Arkansas Regional Trails system. Coordinate and make applications to funding organizations, agencies or businesses. Keep track of funds allocated to Regional Trail marketing, promotion and events. Include summary of funding in annual reports. The Regional Trail Coordinator will also collaborate with other regional stakeholders on fund raising efforts for other regional greenway trail projects and programs.

Regional Coordination: Work with other regional public and private sector partners to coordinate the duties and responsibilities of the Regional Trail Coordinator with the duties and responsibilities of others that are engaged in similar work throughout the region.

Policy Advocate: Develop public policies and positions working with regional stakeholders and/or national associations. Be able to articulate and advocate regional legislative agenda to local, state and federal elected officials as needed.


Regional Trail Coordinator – Northwest Arkansas Qualifications and Position Requirements

  • Demonstrated team player with a passionate commitment to the vision, goals and objectives of building a regional trail system in Northwest Arkansas.

  • Self-starter, motivated to accomplish work program, capable of meeting job requirements. Demonstrated ability to work effectively and tactfully with a wide range of people and personalities to establish collaborative partnerships.

  • Strong sense of personal responsibility and integrity

  • Bachelor’s degree required in a relevant field such as planning, project management,

    or community organizing; master’s degree is a plus.

  • Four years or more project management and/or program experience in a relevant area such as marketing, management or community organizing.

  • Demonstrated experience in single-track and shared-use trail design and development, advocacy and promotion

  • Strong computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

  • Entrepreneurial and strategic approach to work; takes initiative in problem solving;

    applies sound judgment.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Able to function in a fast-paced work environment; able to multi-task and work on several project deadlines simultaneously.

  • Well-organized, self-motivated and independent worker: understands the need to develop weekly, monthly and annual work plans and to prioritize work on a daily basis. Takes recordkeeping and file management seriously.

  • High standards for professional work delivered on time and on budget. Salary and Benefits

    Salary commensurate with experience. Standard benefit package including health insurance, health savings account, 401(k), and paid time off. Office space, mobile phone, computer, and a budget for travel, equipment and office expenses will be provided.

    How to Apply

    Interested candidates should send a letter (attention: Trail Coordinator Selection Committee) detailing their interest and qualifications along with a resume and references that correlate to the detailed responsibilities defined. Email to Closing date is 05-15-2013.

    Equal opportunity employer, seeking qualified candidates regardless of race, color, gender, disability or national origin.


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