2012 RTP Achievement Awards

Award-Winning Trail and Greenway Projects


Winners have been announced for the 2012 "Annual Achievement Awards" in recognition of outstanding use of Recreational Trails Program (RTP) funds. The awards ceremony hosted by the Coalition for Recreational Trails was held in Washington, D.C. on June 5, 2012 at U.S. House of Representatives offices.

The awards are part of annual efforts by national trails and outdoor recreation organizations to promote the importance of RTP funding to States across America.



Intertwine Alliance Bi-State Regional Trails Website (OR-WA)

Education and Communication

photo of web page

The website provides better information for trails in the
Portland-Vancouver region


The residents of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region have a fun new interactive tool to connect to nature — www.theintertwine.org. This single portal to nature around the region is a “one-stop shop” that provides comprehensive information on the region's trails and outdoor destinations.

This website was produced by the Intertwine Alliance, a coalition of citizens and public, private, and nonprofit organizations involved in conservation, public health, trails, parks, conservation education, and active transportation work in the Portland-Vancouver region. The Alliance was formed to help residents connect with trails and nature and live active, healthy lives.

The website has three major features: an interactive map that includes all of the publicly accessible trails, parks, and natural areas in the four-county Intertwine region; a rotating collection of seasonal adventure itineraries to provide residents with good starting points to get outdoors; and an educational section where residents can learn about the region's unique outdoor places and the many groups working to preserve, restore and grow the regional network of trails and parklands.

photo of web page

Example of a trail information page


The site will serve as a major vehicle for educating residents about their natural surroundings, and engaging residents around conservation and active lifestyles. Walking/hiking is the number one recreational activity in the metropolitan region and in Oregon and Washington, so high usage is anticipated for the website.

The website ties together the park and trail information of 28 cities, providing information on the region’s more than 300 miles of recreational trails and nearly 1,000 parks and natural areas. Residents can now go to one website, rather than 30+ sites to find information about where to hike, walk, recreate, camp, fish, boat, and to access nature. Detailed information on all the recreational trails and facilities are listed, including photos, maps, fee charges, directions, and more.

This engaging website, which was made possible by $50,000 in RTP funds awarded in 2010, provides the residents of the Portland-Vancouver region with a comprehensive tool to access trail and park information, easily find good places to start exploring the outdoors, and get involved with organizations doing important work to support the region’s system of trails and parks.

The website was produced by the Intertwine Alliance and was funded by generous contributions from the following Alliance partners:


For more information:

The Intertwine Alliance, 2100 SW River Parkway, Suite 450 Portland, OR 97201
(503) 445-0991 - info@theintertwine.org


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