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Barbara Krebs and Joli Harrington of York County, Pennsylvania, for providing positive public exposure and education for the York County Rail Trail Authority.

Photo: Joli Harrington
Joli Harrington

Joli Harrington is a newspaper correspondent for the York Daily Record. Joli has been committed to reporting on the monthly business meetings of the York County Rail Trail Authority for the past two years.

She ensures that the readers of the York Daily Record have precise information on timetables for development of trails, updates for grant awards, and the latest information on public trail events. She is precise in her reporting and truly interested in projecting a positive image of trails in York County.




Photo: Barbara Krebs
Barbara Krebs

Barbara Krebs is the Newspaper correspondent with the York Dispatch. Where Joli is precise, Barbara is insightful. Her reporting involves research into the history of the county's railroad network. Her interviews with the older residents, who remember the trains and trolleys that once traveled through our communities and are now being developed as rails trails, bring the history behind the projects to life. Most importantly, her articles give York county residents a sense of ownership toward historic transportation lines that have been identified for rails trail projects.

The Outstanding Media Award is for "significant and sustained efforts to provide positive public exposure and education in the field of trail use, planning, design, or implementation. The nominee must have demonstrated a willingness and receptiveness to provide free public service exposure about trails. "

The National Trails Awards are presented by American Trails to recognize the exemplary people across the landscape of America who are working to create a national system of trails to meet the recreation, health, and travel needs of all Americans.

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