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National Trails Awards for 2004


photo: interpretive sign along trail
Brushy Creek Regional National Recreation Trail

Hall Bargainer Inc., for demonstrating problem solving skills through using both innovative methods on trail projects and public participation and agency involvement.

When Williamson County, Texas, received a 100-acre parkland donation along the Brushy Creek Corridor in 1999, they had no idea the challenges that building a trail in the area would create. So they commissioned Hall Bargainer to evaluate and design the Brushy Creek Regional Trail, which is now a designated National Recreation Trail.

Since the trail crosses several jurisdictional boundaries and travels along an active flow creek, the design of the trail represented many challenges.

Photo: steel trail bridge
Hall Bargainer, Inc. was recognized for innovative problem solving on the project

These challenges included coordinating communication and approval from multiple government agencies, building a crushed granite trail in an active flow area of a regional drainage corridor, and designing a way that the many cultural and historical features of the trail could be visually accessed but not physically accessed.

The design team at Hall Bargainer, Inc. confronted these challenges with creativity and innovation that has resulted in a trail experience that protects natural and historic features while allowing users of all abilities to share the environmental and educational attributes of the trail.

The Planning/Design Award is for "demonstrated problem solving through innovative methods on a trail project. The project must have included successful aspects of public participation and/or public agency involvement and have been planned to enhance the recreational trails opportunities within the project area."

The National Trails Awards are presented by American Trails to recognize the exemplary people across the landscape of America who are working to create a national system of trails to meet the recreation, health, and travel needs of all Americans.


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