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National Trails Awards for 2004


Tom Gilbert, Superintendent, North Country and Ice Age National Scenic Trails:
For demonstrating consistent and significant support for trail planning, design and implementation on a variety of National Trail Systems.

Photo: Tom Gilbert
Tom Gilbert of the National Park Service

In August of 2002, Tom Gilbert was presented with his 30-year service pin by the National Park Service. Tom entered Federal Service in 1972 after obtaining a degree in Parks and Recreation Resources from Michigan State University. He has conducted feasibility studies for the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, he has served as a team member or consultant on the development of management plans for many National Trail Systems including the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail, he has served as the trail administrator of the North Country and Lewis & Clark Trails in Omaha.

During his stint as the administrator of these trails, he produced several white papers on the National Trails System Act that influenced federal practice to this day. Tom has spent his entire career building the National Trails System and without his influence, guidance and wisdom, our National Trails would be very different today.

The Public Service Award is "for agency staff or an elected official who has demonstrated significant and consistent support of trail planning, design, or implementation through strong leadership and/or legislative efforts." The National Trails Awards are presented by American Trails to recognize the exemplary people across the landscape of America who are working to create a national system of trails to meet the recreation, health, and travel needs of all Americans.


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