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Download complete 2015 Symposium Program with descriptions of educational sessions and more (pdf 6.0 mb)

Trail Dozer Operator Certification

Sunday, May 17
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Outdoor work site at Stub Stewart State Park
Instructor: Tony Boone, Tony Boone Trails
Cost: $280 early registration ($330 after March 20) (Fee includes $100 Certification Application Fee and lunch).

Workshop Costs:
Due to a generous sponsorship from REI this workshop has been discounted from the normal rate of $360 per person to $280 early registration ($330 after March 20). Fee includes $100 Certification Application Fee, Nationally recognized instructors, and lunch.

Maximum number of 4 participants.

The Professional Trailbuilders Association (PTBA) is the world’s only trade association for trail professionals. Founded in 1978, PTBA has become the leader in education, training, and industry-wide promotion for trail professionals.

PTBA is committed to improving the quality of trails and trail builders. As part of that commitment, PTBA has created ethics professionalism standards for its members, and has undertaken training and certification process, with the goal of advancing overall quality in the trail industry.

Bulldozers have been in existence since the early part of the 20th century, serving as workhorses for cutting and grading earth. While available then (and now) in a wide range of sizes, until somewhat recently, very small dozers were largely nonexistent. This changed in 1985, when a new dozer was designed, engineered, and built specifically for trail construction. Typically referred to as a “mini-dozer” or “trail dozer,” these small steel-tracked dozers provided builders the ability to construct more tread in less time, and have proven to be a great asset to the industry. There have now been hundreds of dozers built and sold, and most are still in use. Thousands of miles have been built with these dozers.

Recognizing the place of these units in the industry, and the wide range of user skill and experience amongst operators, PTBA has committed to improve the quality of dozer operators and, ultimately, the efficiency and final quality of trail projects. To that end, beginning in 2013, PTBA has begun a program for certifying trail builders in various skills.

This certification is intended for very experienced and skilled operators. To be clear, this is not a program for beginners – certificate holders will have demonstrated extensive experience and skills in all aspects of dozer operation before that certification is granted. Please be sure to review the prerequisites listed below to ensure that you meet these standards. We ask that you bring two (2) references to the certification workshop that demonstrate your past experience levels.

Upon successful completion of the certification workshop, you will be awarded a certificate from the Professional Trailbuilders Association signifying that you met the skills outlined in the certification program. You will also receive a Trail Dozer Skills Checklist that shows your ability in each skill area so that you can identify the areas you need to work on in the future. Trail managers, contract officers, and other entities can then consider the certification evidence that the individual so recognized has a high level of skill in the operation of mini dozers for trail construction.

Trail Dozer Operator Prerequisites:
Hours: Minimum 100
Miles: Minimum 10
Years: Minimum 3
Documentation of above through at least two (2) references (please bring to the workshop with you)
Suggest participation in at least one (1) Trail Dozer or Mechanized Trailbuilding Skill Builder Course.
Suggest participation in at least one (1) Basic Dozer Maintenance Course.

INTENDED / APPROPRIATE AUDIENCE: Skilled trail dozer operators that meet the Prerequisites listed above.

1. Ability to move and operate the machine safely -- demonstrate an understanding of operator, bystander, and environmental safety
2. Ability to operate the controls and build to a high level -- Demonstrate an understanding of how the machine works, how to use it effectively and efficiently, and how to work in a variety of conditions.
3. Ability to keep the machine operating properly via proper maintenance – Demonstrating a knowledge of the mechanical aspects of the machine, and what to look for in the field and the shop to keep it in good running order, and avoid breakdowns.
4. Ability to safely and legally transport the machine -- including tie-downs, trailer and truck capacities, and safe on and off-road transport practices.

I. Safety
A. Personal safety gear
B. Startup, shut down, ingress and egress
C. Basic operation
D. Situational awareness
E. Personnel and Property (other than operator)
F. Getting unstuck
G. Rocks, trees, and other objects
H. Rollover procedure
I. Fire

II. Operation
A. Demonstrate knowledge of controls and instruments
B. Ability to do basic tasks effectively (quickly and safely):
C. Demonstrate ability to construct certain features/specs.:

III. Maintenance & Repair
A. In the field
B. In the shop

IV. Transport
A. Knowledge of weight and proper towing equipment
B. Tie-downs and procedures
C. Loading and unloading

V. Fire and Hazmat
A. Fire prevention and possible dozer-causes to avoid
B. Using the machine to fight wild fire
C. Fire in/on the machine itself
D. Proper extinguisher mounting and access
E. Diesel/hydraulic oil/engine oil/antifreeze leaks and response
F. Bees, bison, and other issues

VI. Advanced Operation and Special Conditions
A. Operational
B. Special and extreme conditions

Instructor Biography – Tony Boone, Tony Boone Trails
Tony Boone has passionately led professional crews, government agencies, youth corps, volunteers, farmers and villagers around the world in sculpting over 650 miles of sustainable, natural surface, shared-use trails for all ages and abilities. In 1994, he became a professional trail builder, joined the Western Trailbuilders Association, and purchased his first SWECO 450 Trail Dozer. His obsession is creating kinesthetically and aesthetically diverse trails that riders love. Boone is a Certified Trail Dozer Operator (Professional Trailbuilders Association) with over 10,000 hours on trail dozers and mini excavators. He is also skilled on loaders, tracked carriers, Magnum Blaster, and ATV rock rakes/harrows.

Our group will meet at 7:45 am on the day of the workshop at the Outdoor Trade Show Site, next to the Oregon Convention Center. This site is located at NE Holladay Street and NE Second Avenue, in the Rose Quarter of Porltand, OR. The site is bounded by NE Holladay Street (South Boundary), NE First Avenue (West Boundary), NE Multnomah Street (North Boundary) and NE Second Avenue (East Boundary).

Outdoor Trade Show Site (NE Holladay Street and NE Second Avenue, Portland, OR 97232)
From I-5 South - Washington
Take exit 302A toward Moda Center/City Center
Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Rose Quarter
Continue straight onto N Vancouver Avenue
Continue onto NE Wheeler Avenue
Turn right onto NE Multnomah Street and the site will be on your left at on Second Ave.

Your workshop will end at the OCC at 4:00 pm.

PTBA Coordinator (Mike Passo) 360-734-7270
Workshop Assistant Coordinator (Pat Passo) 360-961-4332
PTBA President (Peter Jensen) 413-441-0204
LL Stub Stewart State Park Office 503-324-0606
Providence Portland Medical Center 911 (general 503-215-1111)
4805 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR 97213

Tony Boone, Owner
Tony Boone Trails Inc.
Phone: 719-221-3421
Email: dirtfarmerz@yahoo.com

For more information on the Professional Trailbuilders Association, visit www.trailbuilders.org

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American Trails

P.O. Box 491797
Redding, CA 96049-1797
(530) 605-4395

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