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Travel Guide for Portland and Oregon

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Portland and the surrounding area have numerous opportunities for trail enthusiasts to explore everything nature and the city have to offer.

Please visit our official travel sponsors: Travel Portland and Travel Oregon for up to date events, tours, and festivals to help supplement your Symposium trip.

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Along the McKenzie River Trail

Trails, bike tours, and sights:

Learn more about Oregon’s Seven Wonders!

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Trail in Washington Park

Things to do in Portland

Download a map here to help plan your trip!



See a map of the Convention Center, Outdoor Demonstration Area, and vicinity...


The TriMet MAX Light Rail takes you directly from the airport to a five-minute walk from the two host hotels and the Oregon Convention Center. Take the light rail (on the red line) to the Convention Center MAX station. Tickets are $2.50 for a two hour time period. Travel time is approximately 20 minutes depending on time of day.

More travel ideas

There are numerous apps to help you navigate and explore the area. Click here for a list for help with getting around, finding restaurants and stores, events, traveling on the light rail, and more!

Join a FREE urban wine tour after the Symposium!

Portland’s Central Eastside is home to over a dozen wineries helping to revitalize this historic industrial/warehouse district, banded together as PDX Urban Wineries. Grapes come from the nearby Willamette Valley, Southern Oregon, and Eastern Washington. The winemaking goes on just east of the Convention Center!

On Wednesday, May 20 at 2:30pm, local trail planner Jim Rapp will herd us onto the Portland Streetcar in front of the Convention Center. Ten minutes later we will be on foot and visiting 3 nearby urban wineries: ENSO, Clay Pigeon, and Fausse Piste. Two other urban winemakers— Viola and Rose & Fern— will join us for the walk. Total walking time: less than 30 minutes, totally flat.



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P.O. Box 491797
Redding, CA 96049-1797
(530) 605-4395

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