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A message from Robert Searns, American Trails Chair – an excerpt from the first online, digital issue of the American Trails Magazine:

“Okay, I’ve always been one of those curmudgeons who resists change. By the time I started using a fax machine (remember those), email had already taken hold. And IM-ing, forgetAmerican Trails Magazine Cover it! I could never figure out how to punch in the letters on my phone. So when the proposal came to take the American Trails Magazine digital I was, of course, resistant.

But then I saw the samples and the technology and was amazed at what could be done. And think of the paper, ink, and fossil fuel needed to distribute the magazine the traditional way. All of these convinced me this is the way to go. BTW and FWIW— my two kids are proud of me to be a part of this change and so will U2!

In addition to the environmental benefits and the storing and sharability of the new format, going digital also allows us to vastly expand our readership and participation by trails experts and advisers. This became very evident on a visit to Beijing, China in late March where former American Trails Chair Chuck Flink and I met with eager graduate students and trail/greenway advocates at Peking University. We learned that there is a wealth of knowledge, solutions, and motivation out there!

Going online will allow American Trails to facilitate this information exchange globally— literally at the speed of light. In fact, to that end we are already talking with experts in China about a series of articles on planning and implementation of long distance trails in both nations. 

This would not be feasible in the printed format. And, you can still always hit the “print” button for reading over morning coffee and other venues.

To all of our members, readers, and advertisers, welcome to American Trails Magazine online! To our new website visitors in China and around the world, we welcome you to the American Trails family and look forward to sharing a planets-worth of ideas and creativity in the growing arena of trails, greenways, and green infrastructure!

Sent from my Blackberry (just kidding).”


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