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Fall 2003 issue of NRT NEWS

Also available as a pdf file (290 kb) with photos and graphics in Adobe Acrobat format.


NRT photo contest winners show off America's trails: American Trails is proud to sponsor the first National Recreation Trails photo contest. See the winning photos as well as all 140 entries on the NRT website. More...

Bring your NRT trail information up to date: All NRTs are listed along with facts and contact information on the searchable NRT online database. We want to thank the many USDA Forest Service trail managers who have recently updated their entries. Check your trail on the database, and if you have any changes please download the update form and fax to (530) 547-2035 or email to

New NRTs announced by Department of Agriculture: Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman announced the designation of four new National Recreation Trails in forests located in California, Nevada, North Dakota and Virginia, adding 288 miles to the system of nationally significant and recognized trails. "These designations contribute to President Bush's Healthier US Initiative by providing more opportunities for the public to exercise in the great outdoors," said Veneman. "America's national forests and grasslands offer a wide range of recreation opportunities, including more than 133,000 miles of trails for hiking." Veneman said that some of the new trails are available today due to the important work of volunteers. "The President's USA Freedom Corps encourages every American to get involved in strengthening America's communities. Providing more opportunities for the public to enjoy our Nation's forests is a great example of what can be accomplished by volunteers." More...

Secretary of Interior Norton designates 23 NRTs in 2003: Secretary of the Interior Gale A. Norton announced the designation of 23 trails in 12 states as part of the National Recreation Trails System. Norton's announcement coincided with the celebration of National Trails Day, June 7, 2003. "Our aggressiveness in promoting trails for health and recreation is part of a larger partnership effort by President Bush," Norton said. "These partnerships build trails and trails help to build healthy Americans. It is through these partnerships and recreation trails that we are encouraging a variety of activities to keep our citizens healthy and physically fit." More...

Two NRT websites win Trails Website Awards: The second annual American Trails Website Contest winners for 2003 included two National Recreation Trails. The contest includes a category for Designated National Recreation Trail websites, and the winners for 2003 are The Poudre River Trail Corridor, Colorado, and an Honorable Mention for Pigeon Creek Trail System hosted by Twin Lakes Bicycle Club, We encourage NRT supporters and managers to view all the contest winners for ideas for your own website.

Events on the trails promote NRT designation: Many trail managers hold a dedication ceremony to announce their National Recreation Trail designation. National Trails Day has provided the date for many trail celebrations but the opening of a new section or other event of local significance is a great way to generate positive publicity for your trail. More...

Indiana trail partners make an event of dedication:

A trail celebration is the kind of good news that makes the local papers. It also gets the elected officials out to actually see the project and make some memorable comments on the value of trails and greenways. One good example was the dedication of the Cattail, Northwest Greenway trails network in West Lafayette, Indiana.

"I thought the new police station and the reopening of Lindberg Road were our biggest accomplishments this year, but this trails network is tough to beat, isn't it," Mayor Sonya Margerum said. Rory Robinson of the NPS Rivers and Trails Program delivered the NRT designation of the trails from Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton: "The National Recreation Trails program is designed to recognize the efforts of local communities working to develop trails for health, conservation, transportation, and recreation."

Superintendent Joe Payne said: "The trails network provides wonderful opportunities for exercise, enjoying nature, family recreation and quiet reflection. Looking ahead, our goal is to have a network that encircles the city and links to neighborhoods and the Wabash Heritage Trail. We'll get there, but it will take time."

Mayor Margerum credited Purdue University with providing some of the trails easements and a four-acre parcel of land for a trailhead park. "The city of West Lafayette and Purdue University are working together on meaningful quality of life improvements and economic development. We recognize that when young professionals, families and companies are looking to relocate, they search for vibrant communities with amenities such as these trails."

City Council president Jan Mills, who chaired the Strategic Plan steering committee, said: "To maintain our progress, we must make sure we're investing in meaningful improvements, like these trails, that link our neighborhoods and bring people together." For more information:

National Trails Symposium Oct. 21-24, 2004 in Austin: The National Trails Symposium is one of the best opportunities for trail managers to learn from the full spectrum of trails interests from across America and beyond. Join us October 21-24, 2004, in historic downtown Austin along the 11-mile Town Lake Trail. Symposium partners include Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Austin Parks and Recreation Department, and the Texas Trails Network, as well as federal land management agencies. For more information on the 17th National Trails Symposium, see

Also available as a pdf file (290 kb) with photos and graphics in Adobe Acrobat format.

The Catwalk National Recreation Trail in New Mexico

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