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SPRING 2003 issue of NRT NEWS

Also available as a pdf file (290 kb) with photos and graphics in Adobe Acrobat format.


NRT nominations received for designation in 2003: The following projects have been nominated for designation as National Recreation Trails this June by the Secretary of the Interior. More...

US Dept. of Agriculture has separate nomination path: We would like to remind you that the Secretary of Agriculture has authority for designating National Recreation Trails on land administered by that department (National Forests, National Grasslands, and National Recreation Areas) and associated lands. Nominations are handled by the USDA Forest Service. See the details of the USDA Forest Service designation process for NRTs and a list of Regional contacts. Trails on all other lands go through a designation process administered by the National Park Service. Nationwide responsibility for the USDA process is with Jamie Schwartz, National Recreation Trails Program Coordinator, Recreation, Heritage & Wilderness, USDA Forest Service, P. O. Box 96090, Washington DC 20090; phone: (202) 205-1589; email:

Massanutten Mountain Trail explores Virginia ridges: The Trail journeys through the history and diverse natural areas of the Lee Ranger District on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. For 71 miles the trail overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east and the Great North Mountain to the west. More...

Maah Daah Hey Trail links Dakota Prairie Grasslands: This 96-mile long recreational trail winds its way through the rugged badlands and rolling prairies of western North Dakota. The canyons and gullies were carved into the landscape by perpetual wind and water erosion. More...

Tahoe Rim Trail is a great showcase for volunteerism: The National Recreation Trail designation for the Tahoe Rim Trail includes 96 miles of the 165-mile trail which runs along the ridges and mountain tops that encircle the Lake Tahoe Basin. A result of the dreams and dedicated efforts of thousands of volunteers, the trail was planned, built, and maintained in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service, Nevada State Parks, and other groups. More...

Celebrate your trail on National Trails Day! National Trails Day is held the first Saturday in June each year. We encourage all NRT managers will consider an event to celebrate their trail in 2003. All kinds of events are sponsored each year, including trail building and maintenance, interpretive hikes, races, and trail dedication or ground breaking ceremonies. For information on the National Trails Day program call (301) 565-6704 or visit

Photo contest for NRTs highlights diversity of trails: American Trails is sponsoring a contest for photographs of National Recreation Trails across the country. More...

The Catwalk National Recreation Trail in New Mexico

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