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How to apply for NRT designation

Use the NRT logo to blaze your trail on land or paper

arrow Order signs online from the American Trails Store

One of the most effective ways of highlighting your trail's status as a National Recreation Trail is to install colorful NRT logo signs right on the trail. The signs are available for a reasonable price in two convenient sizes. The logo may only be used on designated NRTs, and sale of the logo, or use of the logo, for the production of saleable materials, is prohibited without written authorization from the U. S. Department of the Interior.

NRT logoThe red, white and blue signs show the NRT logo on a white field, mounted on aluminum, with four corner holes for mounting. Two sizes are available: small (3.5" x 3.5") or large (8" X 8"). The NRT logo can also be combined with your own artwork on a trail head display, on a trail-side sign, or in maps and publications. Contact American Trails for information on obtaining the artwork.

If you would like to add a National Recreation Trail logo to your trail's Website, you are welcome to copy it from this web page, in a smaller version at left, and larger one at right below. To copy the logo while you are browsing the NRT website, simply move your cursor over the logo, hold down the mouse button, and select "Save this image as..." or a similar prompt depending on your browser. Be sure to link the logo or the words "National Recreation Trail" in your text to our Website internet address at

NRT logo 200 pixels wide

The logo may only be used for the Web site of a designated NRT, or to promote the NRT program. Please note the official language regarding use of the NRT logo:

"Whoever manufactures, sells, or possesses the National Recreation Trail logo, or any colorable imitation thereof, or photographs or prints in any other manner, makes or executes any engraving, photograph or print, or impression in the likeness of this insignia, or any colorable imitation thereof, without written authorization from the United States Department of the Interior, is subject to the penalty provisions of section 701 of volume 18 of the US Code."

arrow Order signs online from the American Trails Store

We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to show the world that your trail is one of America's great trails! If you have questions on the Web logos, or for more information, call American Trails at (530) 547-2060 or send e-mail.

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