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Accessible trails and greenways
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Trail Access Information signs provide visitors with better trail details

Craters of the Moon National Monument Recognized for New TAI Signage.

From Beneficial Designs, Inc. (2003)

photo of person with sign

Trail Access Information sign for all visitors including those with disabilities (photo from Beneficial Designs)

Craters of the Moon National Monument in Arco, Idaho, has been awarded the National Park Service 2002 National Design Project Achievement Award (Exhibits and Waysides) for their efforts to provide all visitors, including those with disabilities, with Trail Access Information (TAI) in a variety of formats.

Staff determined that the best place to provide the Trail Access Information was on signs located at each trailhead. The signage provides visitors with information on all eight trails within the developed area of the Monument. Visitors can use this information to determine if a particular trail meets their interests and abilities.

Since visitors also need this information for pre-trip planning, published, and electronic versions were also developed. To develop the signage and information the staff began by using the Universal Trail Assessment Process to conduct assessments of their trails and obtain accurate measurements of grade, cross slope, tread width, surface characteristics, and potential obstructions along the trails. The data were entered into TrailWare for analysis and to develop formats for providing visitor information.

Congratulations to Craters of the Moon for their multi-disciplinary effort to conduct assessments and to design and install signage that provides Trail Access Information to all visitors. To see how the trail information looks on the website visit

For more information on Universal Trail Assessment Process and signage systems, contact Beneficial Designs, Inc., 1617 Water St Suite B Minden NV 89423 - 775-783-8822. More on Trail Access information can be found at

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