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Recreational Trails Program State Administrators

RTP contacts for each state from Federal Highway Administration


Rob Grant, Recreation Programs Manager
Dept of Economic & Community Affairs
PO Box 5690
Montgomery AL 36103-5690

334-242-5483; Fax 334-353-4311


Bill Luck, State Trails Coordinator
Alaska State Parks
550 W 7th Ave Suite 1380
Anchorage AK 99501-3561

907-269-8699; Fax 907-269-8907


Robert Baldwin,
Recreational Trails Grant Coordinaton, Grants Section
Arizona State Parks
Resources Management Section
1300 W Washington St
Phoenix AZ 85007-2932

602-542-7116; Fax 602-542-4180



Bill Bastress, Recreational Trails Coordinator

Highway and Transportation Dept

10324 I-30

PO Box 2261

Little Rock AR 72203-2261

501 569-2209; Fax 501 569-2597

Bryan Kellar, Interim State Trails Coordinator



Jean Lacher, Manager
Office of Grants and Local Services
California State Parks

PO Box 942896
Sacramento CA 94296-0001

916-653-6160; Fax 916-653-6511

Richard Rendón, Supervisor
916-651-7600; Fax 916-653-6511

Alexandra Stehl, Statewide Trails Manager
Room 1442-7
916-651-8713; Fax 916-653-4458

Dan Canfield
Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division
California State Parks
PO Box 942896
Sacramento CA 94296-0001
916-324-1567; Fax 916-324-1610



Gary Thorson

Recreational Trails Program Manager

13787 South Hwy 85

Littleton CO 80125

303-791-1954 x131, Fax 303-470-0782

Tom Metsa, State OHV Program Manager

same address as above

303-791-1954 x132, Fax 303-470-0782



Laurie Giannotti, Trails Coordinator

State Parks Division

Department of Environmental Protection

79 Elm St 6th Floor

Hartford CT 06106-5127

860-424-3578; Fax 860-424-4070



Susan Moerschel, Manager

Park Resource Office

Delaware State Parks

89 Kings Highway

Dover DE 19901-7305

302-739-9235; Fax 302-739-3817

David Bartoo, Trail Specialist



James R Sebastian, AICP

Transportation Policy and Planning Administration

District Department of Transportation

2000 14th Street, NW, 7th Floor

Washington, DC 20009

202-671-2331; Fax 202-671-0617



Alexandra H Weiss, Greenways & Trails Coordinator

Office of Greenways & Trails

3900 Commonwealth Boulevard MS # 795

Tallahassee FL 32399-3000

850-245-2052; Fax 850-245-2082/2083

David Milberg, Grants Specialist

850-245-2052; Fax 850-245-2082/2083

Karen Shudes, RTP Trails Education Specialist

850-245-2052; Fax 850-245-2082/2083



Bryan Alexander, Grants Coordinator

Department of Natural Resources

2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., SE Suite 1352

Atlanta GA 30334-9000

404-656-6536 Fax 404-651-5871



Nelson Ayers, Manager, Trail & Access Program
Department of Land and Natural Resources
Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW)
Na Ala Hele Trail and Access Program
Kalanimoku Building
1151 Punchbowl St
Honolulu HI 96813-3089
808-587-4175; Fax 808-587-0160



David Claycomb, State and Federal Grant Program Manager

Idaho Dept of Parks and Recreation

Street: 5657 Warm Springs Ave

Boise ID 83716-8700

Mail: PO Box 83720

Boise ID 83720-0065

208-514-2430; Fax 208-334-3741

Leo Hennessy, Non-Motorized Trails Coordinator

208-334-4180 ext 228; Fax 208-334-3741



Richard Westfall, Supervisor

Greenways & Trails Section

Department of Natural Resources

1 Natural Resources Way

Springfield IL 62702-1271

217-782-3715; Fax 217-524-4177

David Sellman, Senior Grant Administrator

RTP and motorized programs

217-782-7481; Fax 217-782-9599

Todd Hill, Bicycle & Pedestrian Coord

Div of Highways Bureau of D&E

2300 South Dirksen Parkway

Springfield IL 62764-0002

Phone 217-785-2148; Fax 217-524-9357



Bob Bronson, Grants Section Chief

State & Community Outdoor Rec Planning

Department of Natural Resources

402 West Washington St Room W271

Indianapolis IN 46204-2212

317-232-4070; Fax 317-233-4648

Steve Morris, Streams and Trails Section Chief

Melody Sweat, State Trail Administrator




Craig Markley, Systems Planning

Iowa Department of Transportation

Office of Systems Planning

800 Lincoln Way

Ames IA 50010-6993

515-239-1027; Fax 515-233-7857

Yvonne Diller
Iowa Department of Transportation
Office of Systems Planning
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-239-1252
Fax: 515-233-7857

David Downing

Snowmobile and ATV Program Coordinator

DNR Parks, Recreation, and Preserves Div

Henry A Wallace State Office Bldg

502 East 9th

Des Moines IA 50319-0034

515-281-3449; Fax 515-281-6794


Mark Edwards

Conservation & Recreation

Policy & Coordination

Iowa DNR

same address as above




Jerry Hover, Director of State Parks

Kansas State Parks

512 SE 25th Ave

Pratt KS 67124-8174

316-672-5911; Fax 316-672-2972



Jodie McDonald, State Trail Coordinator

Office of Grants

Governor's Office for Local Development

1024 Capital Center Dr Suite 340

Frankfort KY 40601-8204

502-573-2382; Fax 502-573-1519

Carey Tichenor, State Naturalist

Department of Parks

Capital Plaza Tower Floor 12

500 Mero St

Frankfort KY 40601-1974

502-564-2172 ext246; Fax 502-564-9096



Michael W. Domingue
Louisiana Office of State Parks
Division of Outdoor Recreation
Recreational Trails Program
POB 44426
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4426

(225) 342-4435; Fax (225) 219-9429

Cleve Hardman, Director of Outdoor Recreation
Office of State Parks
PO Box 44426
Baton Rouge LA 70804-4426
Phone: 225-342-8188; Fax: 225-219-9429



Mick Rogers, Manager
Grants and Community Recreation
Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands
Department of Conservation
State House Station #22
Augusta ME 04333-0022
207-287-4962; Fax 207-287-3823

Scott Ramsay, Supervisor
Off-Road Vehicle Division
207-287-4956; Fax 207-287-2400



Terry Maxwell, Recreational Trails Coordinator
Office of Environmental Design
Maryland State Highway Administration
Mail Stop C-303
PO Box 717, Baltimore MD 21203-0717

Phone 410-545-8637 or 800-446-5962
Fax 410-209-5003

Sylvia Ramsey, Manager

Community Enhancement Programs

Office of Planning

7201 Corporate Center Dr

PO Box 548

Hanover, MD 21076

410-865-1100; Fax 410-691-2198



Paul Jahnige, Director of Trails and Greenways
Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)
136 Damon Rd
Northampton MA 01060-1818

413-586-8706 ext 20; Fax 413-784-1663

Amanda Lewis, Recreational Trails Program Coordinator
413-586-8706 ext. 19


Jim Radabaugh, State Trails Coordinator

Forest, Mineral, and Fire Management Division

Department of Natural Resources

Stevens T Mason Building

PO Box 30452

Lansing MI 48909-7757

517-373-1276; Fax 517-373-2443

Mark Mandenberg, nonmotorized trails


Steve Kubisiak, OHV coordinator


Dan Moore, Recreation Specialist

906-293-5131-x 4045;



Andrew Korsberg, Trail Program Coordinator

DNR Trails and Waterways Division

500 Lafayette Ave

St Paul MN 55155-4052

651-259-5642; Fax 651-297-5475

Traci Vibo, Grant Coordinator




Jean Caraway, RTP Administrator

MS Dept of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks

1505 Eastover Dr

Jackson MS 39211-6374

601-432-2225; Fax 601-432-2114


Chris Buckland, Grants Administration
Division of State Parks
Department of Natural Resources
Street: 1659 Elm St
Jefferson City MO 65102-0176

Mail: PO Box 176
Jefferson City MO 65102-0176

573-751-0848; Fax 573-526-4395

Bonnie Higdon, Planner




Beth Shumate, RTP Program Manager
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

1420 East Sixth Avenue
Helena MT 59620
Mail: PO Box 200701
Helena MT 59620-0701
406-444-4585; Fax 406-444-4952

Ray Paige, Snowmobile and OHV programs




Duane Westerholt, State Trails Admin

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Street: 2200 N 33rd St

Lincoln NE 68503-1417

Mail: PO Box 30370

Lincoln NE 68503-1417

402-471-5511; Fax 402-471-5528

Michelle Stryker, RTP Grants



Randy Moore, Recreation Trails Program Mgr

Nevada State Parks

901 S Stewart St Suite 5005

Carson City NV 89701

(775) 684-2775; Fax 775-684-2777

Jenny Scanland, Parks and Recreation Program Mgr

775-684-2787; Fax 775-684-2777



Bill Gegas, Program Specialist

NH Bureau of Trails

Street: 172 Pembroke Road

Concord NH 03301

Mail: PO Box 1856

Concord NH 03302-1856

603-271-3254; Fax 603-271-3553



John Flynn, Trails Coordinator
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Green Acres Program
609-984-1014; Fax 609-984-0608

Mail Code 501-01
PO Box 420
Trenton NJ 08625-0420



Maurice (Moses) A. Mondary, Federal Grants Manager

NM State Parks Division

Mail: PO Box 1147

Santa Fe NM 87504-1147

505-827-3558; Fax 505-827-1478

David Certain, Recreational Trails Coordinator



Nancy Stoner, State Trail Coordinator
Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation
Agency Bldg #1 17th Floor
Empire State Plaza
Albany NY 12238
518-474-5578; Fax 518-474-7013

Colleen LaFarr, Grants In Aid Program Assistant 1 518-474-8477

Mindy Scott, Chief, Grants Management




Darrell L McBane, State Trails Coordinator

NC Division of Parks & Recreation

MSC 1615

Raleigh NC 27699-1615

919-715-8699; Fax 919-715-3085



Jessica Riepl, Grants and Projects Coordinator

North Dakota Parks and Recreation

1600 E Century Avenue, Suite 3

Bismarck ND 58503

701-328-5364; Fax 701-328-5363


Arik Spencer, Recreation Division Manager

701-328-5369; Fax 701-328-5363

Keri Wanner, Program Manager, Snowmobile




D'Juan Hammonds, Grants Manager

Division of Real Estate & Land Management

Department of Natural Resources

2045 Morse Road, Building C

Columbus OH 43229-6693

614-265-6417; Fax 614-267-4764



Susan Henry, Grants Coordinator

Conservation and Planning Division

Tourism & Recreation Department

120 North Robinson Suite 600

Oklahoma City OK 73102

405-230-8490; Fax 405-230-8580



Marilyn Lippincott, Senior Grants Project Coordinator

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

725 Summer Street NE, Suite C

Salem OR 97301

(503) 986-0711; Fax (503) 986-0793

Rocky Houston, State Trails Coordinator

Ron Price, ATV Program Coordinator

503 986-0706



Vanyla Tierney, State Trails Administrator

Greenways and Conservation Partnerships Div

Bureau of Recreation & Conservation

PO Box 8475

Harrisburg PA 17105-8475

717-783-2654; Fax 717-772-4363


Jackie Koons-Felion

Community Programs Section

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Center for Program Development & Management

400 North Street, 6th floor

Harrisburg, PA 17105-3365

717-787-0782; Fax 717-787-5247


Snowmobiles & ATVs

Matthew Beaver, Recreation Section

Operations & Recreation Division

Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry

PO Box 8552

Harrisburg PA 17105-8552

717-783-7941; Fax 717-783-5109



Richard Tierney, State Trails Coordinator

RI Dept of Environmental Management

235 Promenade St

Providence RI 02908-5767

401-222-2776 ext 4310; Fax 401-222-2069


Funding administered by:

Div of Intermodal Planning

Rhode Island Dept of Transportation

2 Capitol Hill Room 372

Providence RI 02903-1190

Steve Church, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coord

401-222-4203 ext 4042; Fax 401-222-2207



Ronda Pratt, State Trails Coordinator

SCPRT - State Trails Program

Recreation, Planning, and Engineering

1205 Pendleton St, Rm 246

Columbia SC 29201-3790

803-734-0130; Fax 803-734-1042

Crystal Robertson, Trails Coordinator

SC State Park Service

1205 Pendleton St, Columbia SC 29201-3790

803-734-4225; Fax 803-734-1017



Randy Kittle, Grants Coordinator

Division of Parks and Recreation

Dept of Game, Fish, and Parks

523 E Capitol Ave

Pierre SD 57501-3181

605-773-5490; Fax 605-773-6245



Robert Richards, Greenways and Trail Coordinator

TDEC Recreation Educational Services

10th Floor L&C Tower

401 Church St

Nashville TN 37243-0439

615-532-0753; Fax: 615-532-0778


Alice Burke, Grants Administrator

615-532-0765; Fax: 615-532-0778



Andrew Goldbloom, Program Admin

Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept

4200 Smith School Road

Austin TX 78744-3291

512-912-8128; Fax 512-389-4469



John Knudson, Trails Program Coordinator

Division of Parks and Recreation

Dep of Natural Resources

Street: 1594 West North Temple Suite 116

Salt Lake City UT 84114-6001

Mail: Box 146001

Salt Lake City UT 84114-6001

801-538-7344; Fax 801-538-7378

Fred Hayes, OHV Coordinator




Sherry Smecker Winnie, FPR Grants Management Specialist

Dept of Forests, Parks, & Recreation

103 South Main St, Bldg 10 South

Waterbury VT 05671-0601

802-241-3690; Fax 802-244-1481



Synthia Waymack, Grant Administrator

Dept of Conservation and Recreation

203 Governor St Suite 326

Richmond VA 23219-2049

804-786-4379; Fax 804-371-7899


Jennifer Wampler, State Trail Coordinator

Dept of Conservation and Recreation

same address as above

804-786-9240; Fax 804-371-7899



Greg Lovelady, Recreation Resource Planner

Recreation and Conservation Funding Board

Street: 1111 Washington St SE

Olympia WA 98504-0917

Mail: PO Box 40917

Olympia WA 98504-0917

360-902-3008; Fax 360-902-3026


Motorized Recreation

Colleen Maguire, Winter Recreation Program Mgr

Parks and Recreation Commission

Street: 7150 Cleanwater Lane

Olympia WA 98504-2662

Mail: PO Box 42662

Olympia WA 98504-2662

360-586-6646; Fax 360-586-6651



Bill Robinson, Community Development Specialist

West Virginia Dept of Transportation

Division of Highways Rm 863

State Capitol Complex Building 5

1900 Kanawha Blvd East

Charleston WV 25305-0430

304 558-9615; Fax 304-558-3783



Brigit Brown, State Trails Administrator
Bureau of Parks & Recreation
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Street: 101 South Webster St
Madison WI 53707-7921

Mail: PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707-7921

608-266-2183; Fax 608-267-7474

Timothy Parsons, Manager
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources



Brad Hill, Interim Trails Program Manager
2301 Central Ave. Barrett Bldg.
Cheyenne WY 82002
307-335-8229; Fax 307-335-8230

Tracy Williams, Trails Program Planner
same address as above
307-777-8681; Fax 307-777-6472


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