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Poudre River Trail Benefits from "Memorial Miles" Donations

The Poudre River Trail is raising funds in partnership with the Hospice of Northern Colorado.

From the Cache La Poudre Trail Corridor, Inc.

Map of Colorado

The Memorial Miles Program links the Weld County community in fundraising efforts for the Poudre River Trail and Hospice of Northern Colorado, Inc. Individuals can give a gift of trees, benches, sculpture, wildflowers, bridges, and "watchable wildlife" facilities in memory of loved ones.

These amenities will be installed in designated areas along the Poudre River Trail corridor. Participants in the Memorial Miles Program can give in several ways:

1. Make a donation to provide one or more of the amenities on the menu. Amenities will be installed along the corridor in accordance with trail construction activities and time of year.

2. Make a donation towards the purchase of a major amenity. Donate the full amount of a big ticket item or participate with others in purchasing one of these amenities. They will be placed when the full amount needed has been contributed.

3. Make a special gift or endowment to underwrite an educational opportunity, activity, or event associated with the trail corridor.

There are many on-going opportunities to enhance the educational value of the trail for a wide variety of people: scholarships for students, educational materials, brochures and videos, workshops, and celebratory or fundraising events, as well as corridor maintenance and improvements. A "menu of amenities" is provided for potential donors.

For more information on the Memory Miles Program, contact the Poudre River Trail Corridor at (970) 350-9783 or Hospice of Northern Colorado (970) 352-8487.

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