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Community Provides Creative Support for Salida's Trail System

Small towns as well as big park systems are receiving a lot of imaginative support for their trails. This article was provided by the town of Salida-- a great example of how a lot of different folks in the community show their appreciation for trails.

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The Salida Trail System's "Adopt-a-Trail" program, whose purpose has been both maintenance and beautification, has been extremely successful. So successful, in fact, that the nine original maintenance sections have had to be subdivided in order to accommodate all those who want to participate.

The Trout Unlimited group didn't want to subdivide, so they invited the Girl Scouts to work in conjunction with them. Trout Unlimited has also volunteered "manpower" for rock or railroad-tie dividers needed along the trail. Volunteers include -- the Boy Scouts, an agency for the developmentally handicapped, two businesses, a church, a bank, the Cystic Fibrosis Association, and the Pregnancy Center.

A private seed company has not only volunteered to donate native seeds, but to both assemble and supervise the volunteers needed during planting. In addition, amenities are voluntarily being placed along the trail. For example, a tasteful commemorative bench on a concrete slab has been placed in a grove of trees where the deceased routinely stopped to rest.

Commemorative trees have been planted and are being cared for by volunteers. Also well-built, wooden birdhouses have mysteriously appeared. The City of Salida has placed four trash cans along the rail trail. The city has also fortified the banks of a drainage ditch and provided decorative landscaping with railroad ties. The Salida Tree Board donates trees which are adopted by the grade-school children for planting and watering.

An interesting phenomenon, to the delight of the pre-adolescent boys who at times number as many as 50, is the bicycle "motocross"&emdash; dirt mounds which have been placed by community volunteers alongside the trail. Pleasingly, these boys voluntarily keep brooms inside a culvert and use them to clean the paved trail should they drag dirt onto it.

Buena Vista Corrections Facility has built six, very attractive 6 by 8-foot carved and painted wooden signs. They have helped us assemble and install stop

signs and the new trail markers. They are planning to build two more large signs to publicize the funding from the Colorado State Parks/GOCO grants program. They are also looking into making us pet clean-up posts to hold plastic bags for this purpose.

For more information on Salida's trail system, contact Donna Rhoads, Salida Hot Springs, 410 W Rainbow Blvd., Salida CO (719) 539-6738.

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