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Hatfield-McCoy Trail Receives $157,115 Tourism Marketing Grant

The partnership program provides matching funds for innovative and effective direct advertising projects that increase visitation and travel expenditures in West Virginia.

From Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreational Authority (Jan. 2009)

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The Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreational Authority has received a matching grant from the West Virginia Division of Tourism that will enable the Authority to continue to market the Hatfield-McCoy Trails to a broad audience.

The $157,115.50 grant for 2009, combined with a like amount from the Authority, will support promotion of the trail system and the annual National Trail Fest in October.

The campaign will expand advertising efforts through print, broadcast and Internet media targeted to outdoor enthusiasts, both nationally and regionally. Upgrades to the website, as well as trade shows in Cleveland, Charlotte, Harrisburg and Indianapolis also are included.

The grant is part of the $5.35 million awarded through the Matching Advertising Partnership Program, which allows state tourism businesses to match their advertising dollars through partnerships with other tourism businesses and the state. Matches are based on the budgets of the applicants with their partners combined. The matching funds support efforts to promote West Virginia as a premier tourist destination.

"We are grateful to the state Division of Tourism for its continued support of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails," said HMT Executive Director Jeffrey Lusk. "This grant will help us continue to tell the story of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails to a growing audience and showcase our efforts to draw people and business to West Virginia."

The Tourism Matching Advertising Partnership Program (MAPP) of the Cooperative Tourism Promotion Fund is a reimbursable partnership program that provides matching funds for innovative and effective direct advertising projects that increase visitation and travel expenditures in the State of West Virginia impacting the economic growth of the travel industry:

  • To extend the advertising resources of the tourism industry through partnerships
  • Support advertising strategies - both small and large - to increase tourism to the state of West Virginia
  • Provide incentive and opportunity for tourism industry growth
  • Help communities achieve their vision to improve the local economy by strengthening West Virginia's tourism partnerships while extending the State's brand to position West Virginia as a preferred travel destination.

The HATFIELD-MCCOY NATIONAL TRAIL FEST is presented by SUZUKI in Gilbert, WV, October 8 - 12, 2009. For more information see:

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