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Iowa "Share The Road" license plates fund bike safety

Iowa Bicycle Coalition and Iowa Department of Transportation work together on new plate.
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From Iowa Bicycle Coalition

On December 31, 2007, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition presented the Iowa Department of Transportation with 555 applications for the new Share The Road license plate. Iowa has become the 24th state to offer a Share The Road specialty plate. The Iowa Department of Transportation stepped forward to sponsor the plate and offered to designate the funding towards bicycle safety education and motorist awareness. The specialty license plate depicts a bicyclist riding on the road with the message "Share The Road" in the foreground. The graphic was designed by Iowa Bicycle Coalition member Ann Shuman of Des Moines.

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What does it cost?

There is a $35 initial fee and a $10 annual fee to the Bicycle Safety Education Fund for numbered plates. If you would like to order personalized plates the fees are: $60 initial fee ($25 plate fee + $35 initial fee) and a $15 annual validation fee ($5 validation fee + $10 annual fee to the Share the Road Fund ).

Where do the funds go? The funds will be available as the Share the Road Fund to:

  • Educate motorists on how to safely share the road
  • Educate bicyclists on the rules of the road and safe riding
  • Educate event directors and bicyclists on best practices for event safety
  • Outreach to law enforcement on the rights and responsibilities of motorists and bicyclists

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition took the lead to sell the first 500 plates before the plates were issued. There was immediate enthusiasm from cyclists across the state. Within weeks, there was a list of over 500 people who said they were interested in the plate before the application was prepared. The process took several months before the paid applications were collected. Soon, the plates will be available at every county treasurer's office. Numbered plates are available for $35 with a $10 annual renewal fee. Personalized plates with up to 5 characters are available for $60 with a $15 annual renewal fee. Congratulations to all of the Iowa cyclists who helped make the license plate a success. If you don't have your plate yet, you can go to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition's website and fill out an application. Just click on the license plate."

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