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Greenway projects along the Detroit River

Metropolitan Affairs Coalition releases publication highlighting fourteen projects.

Download the Detroit Greenways study (PDF format, 33 pages, color graphics, size: 3.7 mg)

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Today, communities and businesses in Greater Detroit are redefining their relationship to the Detroit River and championing linked greenways projects along its entire length &emdash; from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie. Fourteen such projects are presented in Building the Riverfront Greenway &emdash; The State of Greenway Investments Along the Detroit River, just released by the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (MAC).

MAC serves as project manager for the Greater Detroit American Heritage River Initiative, which has identified linked greenways as one of its top six priorities. Greenways are park-like corridors that offer exceptional recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

"This report is also an economic development tool. It demonstrates to businesses the great quality of life resource we have in our river."

The projects-- which range from the Riverfront Promenade at General Motors Global Headquarters in downtown Detroit to the Woodruff Corridor bike path in Brownstown Township-- will provide unique destinations that link open spaces, protect natural and cultural resources, and offer picturesque views of Detroit's great river resource. Together, they will go a long way toward enhancing the region's quality of life and making it more attractive to residents, visitors, and businesses.

MAC Chairperson and Butzel-Long Chairman and CEO, Richard E. Rassel emphasizes the growing tie between economic development and quality of life. "We view this report as doing more than highlighting greenways," explains Rassel. "This report is also an economic development tool. It demonstrates to businesses the great quality of life resource we have in our river. As we compete with other metropolitan areas for jobs and workers, we need to shed our gritty rust-belt image and show off the quality-of-life we have here through such special resources as the Detroit River."

The 14 projects in this publication are just the beginning. By celebrating these recent achievements, this report aspires to be a catalyst for future projects. In fact, many additional projects are already in the planning and design process.

The Detroit River has been rediscovered as an incredible asset and a key element for enhancing the quality of life of the metropolitan area, and its transformation is underway.

Copies of the report are available for download from this website in PDF format.

The Detroit River has the distinction of being one of only 14 rivers nationwide honored with a presidential designation as an American Heritage River. This designation led to the formation of the Greater Detroit American Heritage River Initiative-- a multi-stakeholder process dedicated to improving environmental quality, enhancing economic development, and celebrating the history and culture of the Detroit River.

The Initiative is guided by an Executive Committee composed of Mr. Peter Stroh, Chair, Director of The Stroh Companies, Inc.; Detroit Mayor Dennis W. Archer, represented by chief of staff, Ms. Nettie Seabrooks; Wayne County Executive Edward H. McNamara, represented by Assistant County Executive, Mr. Dewitt Henry; and Supervisor W. Curt Boller, Supervisor of Brownstown Township and Downriver Community Conference member.

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April 15, 2007