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TRAIL TALES: The poems of Roger Bell

Roger reminds our readers to join American Trails and help support our work for trails and greenways for all Americans.


 It's decision time, dear friends

     And I'm here to make our case

 Will you please consider joining

     And help trails keep the pace

We have such a valued mission

     We have programs people need

 We promote more open space

     In word as well as deed

 We serve all trail interests

     We are stewards of a cause

 Give us your voice to help

     Don't let our efforts pause

 Cause there isn't enough time

     For each of us to do

 What together we accomplish

     A fresh elixir we will brew

 Trails are for all of us

     They connect us to the earth

 Join us as a member

     Be a part of our re-birth

 Pam has told you many reasons

     This rhyme is my appeal

 Can't we somehow reach your heart

     And right now seal the deal?

 Aw, come on now, dear friend

     Don't let this moment go

 Smile and commit right now

     And pony up the dough!


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