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Online bibliography, glossary, and trail quotes available

An excellent starting point for your trails research is the American Trails Bibliography containing over 2,400 trails- and greenways-related publications collected and compiled by Jim Schmid. The publications are organized in broad categories: book, conference proceedings, dissertation/thesis, journal-article, journal-whole, report, and video.

Each citation lists the standard information including author, title, date, length, etc. What makes this bibliography special is that Jim wrote an abstract and assigned keywords (over 150) for each citation. He also lists where he found the publication to help you locate your own copy. With the new online version of the bibliography, users can search by keyword, author, or title. The database will return any matches and allow you to refine your search.

According to Schmid, "Finding a good bibliography puts you a step ahead in the research game; somebody else has already done a lot of work on your behalf." The Trails and Greenways bibliography is online at www.AmericanTrails .org. Jim Schmid will be periodically updating the references; if you have additions to suggest contact him at

Two more great resources at are also the product of Jim Schmid. The Glossary of Trails, Greenway, and Outdoor Recreation Terms includes hundreds of definitions. The have been taken primarily from glossaries and terms found in dozens of trail and greenway publications published in the last forty years.

"I think that everyone involved with trails and greenway development will find that this is more than just a useful list of terms," Schmid said. "Spending some time with this list will provide quite an education about the various professions involved in trails and their terminology."

The second publication is Trail Quotations: Memorable Remarks on Trails Topics from historic times to the present on topics related to trails and the outdoors. Several hundred quotes are organized by topic and include a date and citation. By sharing Jim Schmid's collection we hope that you might find just the right quotation for your publication or presentation, or just enjoy reading them on their own. The quotes and glossary are at www.AmericanTrails .org. Let Jim Schmid know if you have additions to propose:

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