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                The following interviews are included in this appendix for the purpose of offering additional information that may not have been included in Chapter V.  The responses are not edited in any way and are verbatim. 



Canal Trail Questionnaire


·                    The purpose of this open-ended discussion is to obtain as naturalistic a response as possible.  The goal is to gauge general sentiments and put a finger on the pulse of the major concerns and issues revolving around the development of recreational canal trails.

·                    Based on research to date a few of the biggest concerns and issues include:

P.                   Liability of canal companies and landowners.

Q.                  Increased O+M costs.

R.                   Law enforcement protection for company, landowner and trail user.

S.                   Private property owner rights.

T.                   Canal company operator’s rights.





Date of interview:  Wednesday, November 18, 1998  3 p.m.


Name: Jonathan Clegg


Title/ Titles: Assistant superintendent of Provo River Water Users Assoc. (PRWUA)       


Address and Telephone #:                 1788 N. State St.  

                                                                Orem, UT 84057


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Updated September 1, 2006

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