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Motorized interests and NOHVCC join together to form new statewide Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition.

From National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Committee

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Arizona off-highway enthusiasts took a big hit recently when the state dropped their OHV program. With help from the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, a new state OHV club has been formed and one of their main goals is getting the state programs back on track.

Arizona OHV enthusiasts were still reeling from the bad news they got this past season when the state dropped it's OHV program. They weren't however about to take the news lying down.

"The goal of the new statewide group is to ensure a positive future for responsible motorized recreation."

Following a NOHVCC Leadership and Management Workshop held in August, the spark was ignited for the formation of a new state OHV organization. "I really feel good about what is going on in Arizona right now, especially after the big letdown we had when we lost the state ATV program," reports NOHVCC Project Coordinator Dana Bell. "I think this new group is on the right track to getting things back in order in a state that is vitally important to off-road recreation since they have so much public land as well as lots of riders."

On September 27 over thirty-five off-highway motorcycle, ATV and 4-wheel drive enthusiasts and off-highway vehicle (OHV) business interests met and began official incorporation of the new statewide Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition.

Interim officers; President Steve Carmickle, 1st Vice President Jeff Gursh, 2nd Vice President Sanford Cohen, Secretary Sandee McCullen and Treasurer Tammie Gregory, with the Communications, Organizational, and Membership committees are in the process of preparing the formal incorporation documents. Within six months the first general membership meeting will be held to formally elect the 2004-5 officers, select the Board of Directors, and approve the vision, mission and by-laws of AZOHVC. Membership will be open to all OHV recreation interests.

The proposed Mission of AZOHVC is: to establish a recognized, statewide, incorporated association of Arizona motorized recreation enthusiasts, businesses, and others that will identify and work together on recreation issues in cooperation with land managers, legislators, educators and the public to ensure a positive future for responsible motorized recreation.

The September 27 meeting marks the second step for Arizona OHV recreation interests to come together as a statewide association. An initial meeting, The Arizona OHV Leadership and Program Strategy Workshop, was held on August 23-24 with assistance from the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, American Motorcyclist Association, Motorcycle Industry Council, and Blue Ribbon Coalition.

Further information regarding AZOHVC and the membership meeting will be released as planning progresses. If you are interested in assisting with the planning or would like to be placed on the distribution list please reply to Sanford Cohen at 928-445-8289 or e-mail to or Rose Slifer at 480-831-7868 or e-mail to during the hours of 05:00 to 08:00 p.m.

Be part of history and help create a positive future for Arizona OHV recreation!

AZOHVC, P.O. Box 61205, Phoenix, AZ 85082-1205 --

November 2003

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