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motorized trail recreation
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New Strategic Plan for Colorado OHV Program

The strategic plan for the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Program was developed with representatives from the Colorado OHV Coalition, State Trails Committee, USFS, and BLM.

From Colorado State Parks

Map of ColoradoFollowing are the Goals and Objectives of the strategic plan:

GOAL 1 -- Maximize quality OHV recreation opportunities in Colorado.

-- Initiate motorized recreation routes database for public lands throughout the state.

-- Retain current miles of motorized recreation routes throughout the state. No net loss without full review/input/analysis by all stakeholders.

-- Market OHV recreation opportunities.

-- Promote consistency within and among agencies in OHV program development and implementation.

-- Support improvements and quality management of OHV recreation opportunities on public lands.

-- Include opportunities and information for motorized recreationists of all skills, abilities, and disabilities.

GOAL 2 &endash; Promote safe & responsible OHV use.

-- Acquire and promote Tread Lightly! and Leave No Trace ethics brochure. All agency offices and 50% of OHV dealerships will have them.

-- Develop a teaching module on safety and ethics for hunter safety program.

-- Publish an article about responsible OHV use as it applies to hunting and fishing. Make it available to the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

-- Promote and support coordination among all agencies to mitigate hunter-ATV problem.

-- Identify and encourage participation in OHV training programs that promote safe and responsible use.

GOAL 3 -- Operate responsive, effective, accountable State OHV program.

-- Improve the financial accountability process for

-- Grants: (a) past grants must be auditable; (b) process for new grants must be clear

-- Contracts: process must be simplified

-- Reporting: financial reporting by the Program

-- Develop an outline of program financial expenditures and accomplishments on an annual basis.

-- Increase number of outlets where OHV registrations can be purchased throughout the state.

-- Develop OHV program manager's responsibility from this plan.

-- Strategic Planning Committee to meet twice a year to formulate annual work plan and monitor progress. Appropriate representation will be supplied by COHVCO, USFS, BLM, and the State Trails Committee.

-- Maximize opportunities for grants, assistance, and partnerships.

-- Monitor policy, regulations, and legislation affecting OHV recreation; convey information as appropriate.

GOAL 4 -- Improve OHV community participation in public land management decisions.

-- Establish a statewide list of key contacts for use by land managers.

-- Establish a statewide list of key agency contacts for use by motorized recreationists.

-- Maintain motorized representation on the BLM Resource Area Councils.

-- Actively participate in federal land management processes.

GOAL 5 -- Address natural resource concerns in a responsible and objective manner.

-- Encourage and promote participation in public land stewardship activities.

-- Cooperate with efforts to identify trail-related environmental concerns.

GOAL 6 -- Increase awareness of OHV Program.

-- Issue press releases highlighting program accomplishments; e.g. program plans, registration increases, volunteer contributions, and the OHV grants program.

-- Develop a handout for information inquiries. Include common questions not found in the OHV brochure.

-- Provide updates of work being done in the program to members of strategic planning committee.

-- Simplify the OHV registration process and increase the number of registrations.

-- Provide insert explaining hunting registration policy and use of ATVs while hunting.

-- Provide information in registration renewal mailing.

-- Develop a sign with program information for OHV recreational route sites. Require its use at work sites on routes funded by the program.

-- Promote cooperative efforts among State Parks, BLM and USFS field staff to function as ambassadors toward the public.

GOAL 7 -- Identify and maximize "common ground" with others.

-- Promote communication among recreation groups:

-- Encourage motorized and non-motorized recreationists to meet and open a dialogue.

-- Encourage motorized and non-motorized recreationists to cooperate on trail projects and trail grant applications.

For information on the Off-Highway Vehicle Program, contact OHV Program Manager, Colorado State Parks, 1313 Sherman St., Room 618, Denver CO 80203.

photo of ATVs on trail

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