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Tread Lightly! has new curriculum for hunters

"ETHIC: Educational Tools for Hunters: Improving Choices" addresses good behavior for ATV riders.

From the Fall 2001 issue of Trail Tracks, then national newsletter of American Trails

Tread Lightly! has announced its new educational program ETHIC: Educational Tools for Hunters: Improving Choices. The curriculum package, which focuses on outdoor ethics for hunting and ATV use, was developed in conjunction with the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) and funded by the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA).

The curriculum was developed to complement existing hunter education pieces and will be available for distribution to all hunter education instructors throughout North America, as well as the public.

The curriculum includes a series of dilemma video segments, which identify various behaviors of hunters. Each segment presents an opportunity for viewers to contrast what they should do with what they would do. Longer segments address awareness of appropriate and inappropriate behaviors in various outdoor situations.

The video used in conjunction with the curriculum manual will provide instructors with the necessary tools to effectively educate individuals on ethical behaviors with regard to the land and to fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Tread Lightly! Executive Director Lori Davis, continues, "As technology continues to increases, the impacts associated with our ability to go further for longer also continue to increase. We are at a time where more and more people are heading outdoors, with newer technology and less experience. Therefore the need to have educated hunters, who continue to honor the heritage established by early conservationists, while balancing our technological advances, is a high priority for Tread Lightly! and all outdoor enthusiasts. We are very honored to present this curriculum package and believe it will be a benefit to both instructors and hunters today and into the future."

The International Hunter Education Association is the professional association for the 55,000 volunteer instructors who teach hunter education in North America. Hunter Education classes reach more than 750,000 students annually. Since 1949, more than 25 million students have been trained.

Dr. David Knotts, Executive Director of IHEA, recognized Tread Lightly's efforts at a recent hunter education conference by saying, "We look forward to this new resource which will assist our instructors in addressing outdoor ethics. In moving to the future, this heritage of conservation must be continued with future generations of hunters."

SVIA member companies are putting safety first by supporting education of users and prospective buyers on safe and responsible use of ATVs. Free training is offered to all individuals who purchase new ATVs, including the purchaser's family members. Training also is available for a modest fee to any one who is not eligible for free training.

The curriculum package is available for sale through Tread Lightly's website at: and through IHEA at:

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