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Grant would assist in lowering OHV sound emissions

Exhaust manufacturer is teaming up with the BlueRibbon Coalition to educate trail motorcyclists about the need for lower sound emissions.

By Clark Collins

Putting their money where their pipe is, the world's leading aftermarket performance motorcycle exhaust manufacturer is teaming up with the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) to educate off-roaders about the need for lower sound emissions by off-highway vehicles on forest trails. This $5,000 dollar grant will allow the BRC to help the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and clubs get riders into compliance with the new 96dB limit in California.

FMF has produced the revolutionary Q exhaust systems that are the world's first 2-stroke off-road silencers and 4-stroke off-road mufflers to combine strong performance while minimizing noise output. The Q systems were developed in anticipation of the 96dB sound limit becoming law in January 2003.

According to Don Emler, FMF's owner and president, "FMF is very happy to support the BRC in this program. By offering a quiet performance exhaust system and joining forces with the BRC, we expect an awareness and willingness by the riding public that will only benefit us all to keep areas open for motorized recreational use."

Don Amador, the western representative for the BRC, said, "I think the riders will appreciate FMF stepping up to the plate to help us get a handle on excessively loud bikes. Noise is often cited as the number one complaint against the dirt-bike community. This support will allow us to ramp up the old but still relevant slogan of 'Less sound equals more ground.' It also means that BRC will be able to help with sound testing at various races in California."

"The Malcolm Smith endorsed Q series of quiet mufflers and silencers will enable riders to comply with the new law while still enjoying a high level of performance. I appreciate FMF's commitment to promote responsible off-road use on public lands. They are a class act," Amador states.


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