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Fatal Bicycle Collision on Denver Area Trail

From Bob Searns

A 60-year old cyclist was killed instantly when two bicycles collided on a paved bicycle trail near Denver. The accident occurred on a weekday in an area popular with trail users. It was during the day and the trail was dry and in good condition. According to police reports, a cyclist was traveling south along an 8'-wide concrete bicycle path at a very high rate of speed. Police say the southbound cyclist crossed over to the opposite side of the trail on an underpass. A group of three cyclists were headed north and called out to the southbound cyclist. The southbound cyclist grazed the lead northbound cyclist and then struck the third cyclist head-on killing the victim instantly.

The southbound cyclist was hospitalized and later charged by police. Follow-Up Actions: Trail managers, police and city traffic engineers held a review of the event and proposed: signage calling for reduced speed in congested areas; a posted penalty for excessive speed (up to $1,000 fine); possible widening of the trail, possible installation of a centerline, possible installation of bike traffic circles to "calm traffic" in congested areas. It was recommended that a bicycle trail engineer be consulted for the trail modifications. The group is also organizing a metro-area wide forum to review and share trail safety information.

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June 14, 2004

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