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Safe trails forum
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Trail Safety Forum Notes

A Denver area group focused on trail and greenway safety, liability, and management and maintenance issues to improve the user's experience and safety.

By Bob Searns and Bill Woodcock
April 6, 2006

Map of Colorado Meeting was held at Carson Nature Center, Littleton, Colorado.

Attendees: Bob Searns Greenway Team, Inc.; Bill Woodcock, South Suburban Parks and Recreation; Randy Burkhardt, Douglas County; Ron Benson, Douglas County; Chuck Reno, Arapahoe County Open Space; Michele Radice, Denver Water; Stuart Ohlson, South Suburban Parks and Recreation; Dan Scheuerman, South Suburban Parks and Recreation; Craig Faessler, City of Littleton


  • Topic areas to consider include"
  • Accident & Incident Reporting and Follow-up
  • Design for Safety and Durability
  • Operations and Maintenance (Including Uniform O&M Standards)
  • Enforcement
  • Trail Disruption & Detours
  • Special Events
  • Ways to Promote a "Stewardship Value among Maintenance Workers
  • General discussion on positive impact of dual trail (paved bike and crusher fine pedestrians only trail). People have "come back" to the Mary Carter Greenway Trail.

South Suburban Parks and Recreation has installed a painted centerline on the trail in high traffic areas. Caution, when painting alert crews that paint dries more slowly in shadow areas. Alert workers to this and train them in optimal work site marking and traffic management until paint is dry. Should have similar training for all maintenance and construction activities as there have been a number of accidents over the years at work sites.

Publication of forum's minutes on the American Trails website

Invitation to attend the October 19th to 22nd National Trail Symposium in Quad Cities, IA, IL

Electronic speed-limit signs a possibility for the trail.

Suggest trail count be done this summer. Douglas County has installed a counter on several trails and even dog parks.

Any new safety problems to report?

Several accidents/incidents were reported:

Horse fell through the wood deck of a 20-year old prefabricated pedestrian bridge. No permanent injuries to rider or horse. Recommend Remedy: Retrofit with "Ironwood". Also, concrete decking is now preferred over wood for bridges: more durable, less noise that can spook horses and other benefits.

Bicyclist slipped on ice from water seepage onto a trail: minor injuries and broken bike frame. Remedy: Pulled and replaced the concrete section of trail and installed a drain under the path. Include monitoring of where water collects as well as shaded areas such as under bridges that might retain ice.

Graffiti has started to increase along the trail. What is the reason for this type of action? Remedy: Have a "72-hour graffiti" policy. All graffiti painted over or removed in less than 72 hours.

Hit and run accident where a youth stuck and injured an elderly man and left the scene. Passers-by assisted the man and he has recovered. Remedy: Consider, if not already on the books, making bicycle leaving the scene of an accident where there area injuries or property damage, without consent of all involved parties a crime.

Suggestion for a more specific agenda for meetings; might increase attendance. Possible generic agenda below:

Update on activities, solutions, issues and concern from each jurisdiction

Each jurisdiction reports any accidents, incidents or crime events on their trails with location with factors, proposed remedy and follow up

Informal discussion of O&M and Safety Matters

Schedule Next Meeting and Adjourn

Next meeting: October 5, 9:30, at Highlands Heritage Regional Park.

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