21st Century California: Anticipating and Planning for Growth and Environmental Quality

Santa Monica Conference Looks Ahead to 21st Century: This May, Greenbelt Alliance will be joining a group of environmental organizations and building trade associations in presenting a major conference sponsored by the UCLA Extension Program that will examine the environmental and economic impacts of future growth in California. Entitled "21st Century California: Anticipating and Planning for Growth and Environmental Quality," the conference is scheduled for May 15-16 in Santa Monica.

After a lengthy and severe recession, California is entering a new era of economic growth. Alongside these economic forces are major demographic changes and new fiscal constraints that create a host of complex land use policy issues for communities in the Bay Area and throughout the state.

How and where growth occurs over the next decade will be critical to the future of the Greenbelt, since increased economic growth generally fuels new housing.

Day one of the conference will lay out the issues, assess the information available about anticipated growth, its likely distribution in the state, and how the public and private sectors make development and infrastructure decisions based on that information. Day two presents policy alternatives, strategies and models for meeting future needs, and constructive options for mitigating conflicts over public policies influencing future patterns of growth.

Jim Sayer, Greenbelt Alliance's Executive Director, will be making a presentation on the need for farsighted land use planning and how urban growth boundaries can help revitalize our communities and protect open space by encouraging more compact, urban-centered development.

For a conference registration brochure and additional information, contact Kate Edward at the UCLA Extension Public Policy Program at 310-825-7885.

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