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Waiver of liability forms from the State of Oregon and from The Colorado Trail Foundation.


Two sample volunteer registration and waiver forms



Location:_________________________________________________ Date: __________________________________

This is a waiver. Please read it carefully before signing. The undersigned has read this waiver and hereby agrees:

• To waive all claims arising out of or in any way related to this project;
• To waive all claims against individual volunteers, project coordinators, sponsors, suppliers, supporters, landowners, Southwest Neighborhoods (SWNI), the State of Oregon or other organizations, their employees and agents;
• to assume and accept responsibility for all risks arising from or relating to this project;
• that participation in this activity is completely voluntary and that I have neither received payment nor expect to receive any compensation for my participation;
• to read, listen to and follow all safety instructions presented in conjunction with this project;
• to use good judgment based on physical ability and to immediately terminate participation in the project if activities become too strenuous or difficult;
• represents that s/he is physically and mentally fit and able to participate in this project;
• that this waiver shall act as a complete bar against all actions or claims, including negligence claims, arising from or related to this project; that if any action or claim is made, this waiver shall warrant immediate and final dismissal of all such actions or claims; that this waiver applies to all claims made by myself or my legal hers, representatives or agents.

If you will be driving while volunteering for this project, please include your drivers’ license number and the name of your insurance company on the line following your signature. Thank you.

Name (print)
City, State, Zip


The Colorado Trail Foundation
Waiver and Liability Release Agreement

As a participant in activities of The Colorado Trail Foundation, I agree to the following waiver and release:
I, _____________________________________, acknowledge that backcountry travel, activities and work projects have
(please print)
risks, hazards and dangers that cannot be eliminated, particularly in a wilderness environment in mountainous terrain. I
understand that these risks, hazards, and dangers, which may cause disability, injury and death, include without limitation:
• risks from activities in areas where no outside services are available or provided; where rescue and medical services are
limited and slow, if available at all; where trail or road conditions vary, are not maintained, and are unpredictable and
changeable; where weather also is unpredictable and changeable; and where injuries could include, but are not limited to,
cuts, wounds, contusions, broken bones, sprained muscles, animal or insect bites/stings, exposure, dehydration, hypothermia, frostbite, and head injuries;
• risks involved in decision-making and route-finding in a wilderness environment; getting lost resulting in dehydration,
hypothermia, or frostbite,
• other risks, hazards, and dangers common to wilderness travel and outdoor activities that include, but are not limited to, trail construction and repair, camping, cooking, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, and backpacking.

I have read and understand the information provided by The Colorado Trail Foundation about the activities, work projects, and travel to and from such activities. I also understand that I have a responsibility for my own safety and the safety of others as a backcountry user.

*************** Please initial here __________________

I understand that participation in the travel, activities and projects of The Colorado Trail Foundation require good physical
condition. I and/or my family, including my minor children, who are fully capable of participating in The Colorado Trail
Foundation activities and willingly assume the risk of injury as my/our responsibility, including the loss of control or balance
in walking, hiking, or climbing; weather; collision with trees, rocks, or other obstacles, whether obvious or not obvious. I am
voluntarily participating in activities and projects of The Colorado Trail Foundation with full knowledge of the risks,
hazards and dangers involved.

*************** Please initial here __________________

By my signature, for myself,, my family (including minor children), my estate, and my heirs, I hereby knowingly and
intentionally release, indemnify and hold harmless The Colorado Trail Foundation, its directors, officers, service
providers, independent contractors, agents, employees, and volunteers from and against any and all claims, actions, causes of actions, liabilities, suits, expenses (including attorneys’ fees) and negligence of any kind or nature, whether foreseen or
unforeseen, arising directly or indirectly out of any damage, loss, injury, disability, or death to me or my property as a result of
my participation in the activities and projects of The Colorado Trail Foundation, the use of its information or services and
traveling in a wilderness environment in mountainous terrain, whether such damage, loss, injury, disability, or death results
from negligence of The Colorado Trail Foundation, its directors, officers, service providers, independent contractors, agents,
employees, or volunteers or from some other cause. I further agree not to sue The Colorado Trail Foundation, its directors,
officers, service providers, independent contractors, agents, employees, and volunteers as a result of any damage, loss, injury, disability, or death that may occur while participating in its activities or projects. Also, I authorize the CTF, and or parties designated by CTF, to use my or my child’s photo for sale or reproduction in any manner CTF desires, for advertising, display, audio visual, or other use.

I am over 18 years of age. Yes / No Initial here __________(Parents signature and completion of back page
also required if under 18)
SIGNATURE _______________________________________ DATE _________________________
NAME (print) _______________________________ADDRESS _____________________________________________
CITY__________________________ STATE_________ ZIP ____________ PHONE ____________________________

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