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We wish to dedicate this issue of Trail Tracks to the victims of the September 11th tragedy and to all those who are working for peace and the pursuit of freedom throughout the world.

Trail Tracks (ISSN 1082-8303) is the newsletter of American Trails for news, legislation, funding, planning, design, construction, maintenance, and management.on trails and greenways. The American Trails Magazine is our current publication sent free with American Trails membership.

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Building Public Support for Your Trail Activity

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Building Public Support for Your Trail Activity

By Kay Lloyd, Chair, American Trails

One of our biggest challenges is building the awareness and support of the public for our sport or trail activity. This means connecting with both your local media as well as nationally. It can now be done electronically, but that face-to-face interview is still important.

By getting connected you can begin to build relationships that will allow greater opportunities for the sport you enjoy and recapture public support from critics by going to "the streets."

We all know that being responsible is critical to the future of any sport, and each one of us needs to be the ambassador that the general public sees. I call it "flying your colors!" What do you wear when you go to public meetings? If you need to wear a suit, have an icon tie clasp; or if you wear a dress, have an icon on your necklace or earrings. What does the public see when you go to the grocery store, fly on an airplane, or stop by a gas station?

What do you have on your vehicle's bumper, or on the bug screen on the hood? Hopefully, a sticker that proclaims "I support ..." (you fill in the blank), or the logo of your club or association, or get creative! We can't just claim success, we must prove it and it has to be conferred on us by those who don't know us.

We need to start new relationships within each of our communities and encourage them to grow. Did you know that 1,400 comments a day are processed with our eyes? We earn trust through the images that we all project, as well as by our behavior. I liken this to being a crusader, so thicken you skin, because you are going to get some flack; but, move ahead and others will follow to make your sport's image stronger.

What we need to do is emphasize what has been good in our sport. Do you ever offer to be a speaker at your local Kiwanis, write an article for your local paper, work at a booth at the county fair? Have you talked about what has been done for charities, youth programs, and many more public-spirited efforts?

Be a representative of your sport or your trail project, no matter what you are doing or where you are. Please join me and American Trails in educating the general public about the importance of trails. Enjoying the outdoors is great for mental and physical health!

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International Mountain Bicycling Association

The International Mountain Bicycling Association has been bringing out the best in mountain biking since 1988. We promote responsible riding, volunteer trail work and partnerships that link trail users and land managers.

We focus on developing innovative trail construction techniques and reducing trail user conflict. We work to make sure that trail enthusiasts everywhere enjoy appealing trails close to home. Visit to learn more about our many projects, our 450 affiliated clubs and the volunteer contributions of our 32,000 individual members.

IMBA is a proud supporter of American Trails.

For more information on the International Mountain Bicycling Association, call the membership hotline at (888) 442-4622 or visit

Delaware Trails Program DNREC

Delaware's trails system was begun by the CCC at a time when trails were considered just nature walks in state parks. Today, the Trail Program in the Delaware State Parks agency oversees 140 miles of trails within 22,000 acres. The Program's focus is on redefining and refining a trail system that causes the least impact to the environment while requiring minimal maintenance. This means building new trails and relocating or eliminating others using terrain analysis with GIS technology and field work (yes, we have hills and valleys). Entering our second year of serious trail planning and construction, we now have one full time Trail Planner and a seasonal Trail Crew. This is a new beginning for Delaware State Parks, which is celebrating 50 years in 2001.

For more information on Delaware's trails and parks visit

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