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Introducing American Trails' Board of Directors

We'd like to introduce the Board of Directors of American Trails and provide more information about these committed trails activists. I asked the Board to respond to two questions:

1. Why are trails important to you?

2. Why do you think it is a benefit to be a member of American Trails?

--Pam Gluck, Executive Director, American Trails

Executive Committee

Kay Lloyd (Chair), Past-President, American Council of Snowmobile Associations

"Trails, winter and summer, provide health benefits like release from everyday stress; build strong relationships with friends and peers; and bring families together to enjoy nature.

"Being a member of American Trails supports my belief that diversity expands our horizons."

Troy Duffin (Vice Chair), Executive Director, Mountain Trails Foundation

"To me, trails provide the dual purpose of transportation and recreation. Trails are a pleasurable means to travel away from the hazards of roads, and provide a natural experience which enables me to live happier and healthier."

"Why join American Trails? Organizations: to obtain expertise and assistance in achieving your goals! Trail Professionals: to gain the latest information on all issues affecting trails. To learn methods of efficiently and effectively performing your jobs. Trail Users: To become more aware of, and learn more about, what is going on with trails policies. Learn what is being done to enhance and expand trail opportunities nationally and in your area."

James D. Coffman (Secretary), Landscape Architect, City of Scottsdale Community Services Department

"Trails for me have a multiple use. Best place to relax, think, unclutter my brain. Best place to have heart to hearts with my friends."

"American Trails is the only organization that stresses the commonalities between all trail users. Those commonalities are what allow all users to come together as one strong voice promoting trails for all of us."

Roger Bell (Treasurer), Past-President, Western Trailbuilders Association

"I have been building trails professionally for over 25 years, eking out a living from my trail construction business and, more recently, from representing several trail products I believe in&emdash;lightweight fiberglass bridges and soil stabilization materials. These activities provide excuses to get out into nature regularly to appreciate scenic beauty, wildlife, recreation, and health-giving opportunities.

"Funding for trails is always marginal and one way to get the attention of our public officials is through collective efforts such as American Trails affords; also, ours is a unique group that seeks to meet the needs of a rich variety of trail users, pulling together rather than dividing energies. I believe we have a unique and exceedingly important mission in providing overall leadership and support for the good of all trail enthusiasts. We need your contributions and active participation."

Marianne Fowler (At-Large Member of Executive Committee), Government Affairs Director, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

"Trails happen. Wind slashes openings in rock. Water cuts paths through the landscape. Wildlife migrates and leaves its tread upon the earth. But for humans to follow these natural routes and to establish our own, takes a conscious effort of advocacy, planning, design and management. We lesser forces must come together and organize ourselves to make trails happen. Eureka: American Trails. Join the wind, water, wildlife and American Trails to make Trails happen."


Randy Harden, Exec. Director, National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council

"Trail systems mean different things to many people. Often the real issues that prevent successful trail planning and enjoyment, cannot be achieved because our differences prevent us from working together. American Trails provides a means and a place for ALL Americans to discover their common ground and better understand the power of being in a larger sphere of ALL trail users. We welcome your support and hope you invite your friends to join us!"

Peter Axelson, Director of Research & Development, Beneficial Designs, Inc.

"Trails, whether they be paved, unpaved, water or snow enable me, with my disability, to move through outdoor environments in a way that would otherwise not be possible."

Hulet Hornbeck , Past-Chair, California Recreational Trails Committee

"Trails are only now being recoginzed as an essential part of our urban infrastructure and of immense public benefit.

"Membership in American Trails unifies ALL trail users and strengthens our impact."

We also have an exceptional Advisory Board (see list on page 2 of Trail Tracks) that assists the Board with big picture and agency specific issues. They provide advice and support to our organization and are fundamental to our success.

Interested in serving on the Board?

Qualifications: You must have a love of trails, an interest in finding common ground and working with all trail user groups, have experience and skills to offer the Board, be a current American Trails member, be able to travel to Board meetings at your own expense, and have time to commit to carry out Board tasks. We especially want to recruit an accountant, an attorney, a fundraiser, a state trails coordinator, and equestrian, in-line skating, and mountain bicyclist representatives.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of American Trails, please submit a letter of interest and attach a CV. The Board Nomination Committee will create a slate of potential Board members to be voted on by the American Trails membership. Mail to American Trails, P.O. Box 11046, Prescott, Arizona 86304.

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