The newsletter of AMERICAN TRAILS -- NEW YEARS 1998

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Proposals for National Trails Symposium sessions requested

The National Trails Symposium Program Committee is requesting program proposals by February 28, 1998. The theme of the Symposium is "Trails and the American Spirit." The Symposium will have six concurrent tracks with seven to eight 75-minute sessions each. To provide a spectrum of viewpoints and experiences, each session will feature 2-4 expert panelists. We're looking for good ideas on programs for every aspect of trails and greenways!

The six tracks are:

1. Trail Planning & Policy

-- Planning: Urban, rural, and wilderness issues; community-based, interest-based; shared use.

-- Policy: Federal, state, and local trails legislation; compliance policies; liability issues; trail court cases.

2. Trail Design, Development & Maintenance

-- Design: Design techniques, materials and technologies; ADA opportunities; shared-use; sustainability.

-- Development: Implementation strategies; construction techniques; supervision; solar energy; furnishings.

-- Maintenance: Equipment; materials; computer applications; funding; staff augmentation; training.

3. Partnerships & Advocacy

-- Partnerships: Making partnerships work; reaching consensus; stakeholder analysis; dealing with difficult people; funding; capitalizing on strategic situations; tools for the facilitator; partnership successes.

-- Advocacy: Getting the word out; organizing for social change; overcoming opposition; lobbying strategies.

4. Opportunities & Benefit

-- Opportunities: alternative transportation modes and systems; land conservation; interpretation and education; close-to-home outdoor recreation; community involvement; funding; and reclamation involving recreational uses.

-- Benefits: economic; social; environmental; cultural; recreational; conservation successes.

5. The Trails Experience

-- The quality of the trail user's experience; trail etiquette; how-tos; children on the trail; long distance trails experience; urban trail use;

-- Outdoor recreation products; cooking tips; choosing a guide; career opportunities; using GPS receivers; conflict management; outfitters, from backpacking to pink jeep tours.

6. Making It Happen

-- Where to get technical assistance; "show me the money;" starting a trails association; using the media; self-regulation vs. imposed regulation;

-- Grassroots fund raising; organizing special events; effective newsletters.

Please submit the following information with each session proposal (one page or less):

-- Title

-- Purpose/Description

-- Benefits/Outcomes of the Session for Attendees

-- Identify Session Track (see above)

-- Identify speakers (include phone, address, fax, and e-mail)

-- Your return address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address

The NTS Program Committee will contact selected Session Coordinators by April 1, l998. Please send submissions to Eric Smith, Arizona State Trails Coordinator, Arizona State Parks, 1300 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007. Fax: (602) 542-4180; e-mail: