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SPRING 2000 — see articles below

National Trails Symposium 2000
15th National Trails Symposium: Redding, California, Sept. 21-24
National Trail Awards: Symposium will recognize trail Leaders from across America
Symposium Sponsors: Join these generous Symposium Sponsors of the National Trails Symposium

New Initiatives for trails and greenways
National Trails Training Partnership: American Trails to play key role in training program
National Recreation Trails Program nears relaunch

Trails and the American Spirit: common ground and community by Pam Gluck, Executive Director
Alternatives to Wilderness Act could broaden land protection by Gary Sprung


Questions and Answers on proposed guidelines for trails under Americans With Disabilities Act
Current legislation in Congress

Funding and support for trails
Good fund raising key to trail success: Pacific Northwest Trail finds mutual benefit with sponsors
Funding ideas from America's trails
Good news from trail neighbors: trails bring benefits rather than problems
Indianapolis paper adds support to trails system
Trails on the Web

Nationwide calendar of trail conferences, training sessions, and events


Trail Tracks is the only nationwide newsletter covering the needs of all trail users, planners, managers, agencies, and activists. Trail Tracks includes articles on current events, funding ideas and grants programs, legislation in Congress, new technology, trail and greenway planning, tools for advocacy, trail benefits and economic impacts, accessible trails, environmental issues, training opportunities, news from the federal agencies, state trail programs, publications and resources, events, and conferences.

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