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Trail Explorer website will detail accessible trails and more

By Pam Gluck, Executive Director, American Trails

Trail Explorer, developed by Beneficial Designs, Inc. in partnership with American Trails, is designed to be the most comprehensive searchable database of outdoor trails and recreation areas with information on accessibility. Trail Explorer allows you to find a trail that meets your interests, skills, abilities, or desired experiences.

American Trails is the only national trails advocacy organization working for the common interests of all trail users. Through Trail Explorer, American Trails is better able to meet the needs of trail users of all abilities.

To participate in the next level of review, contact the American Trails office at (520) 632-1140. Accessibility information on over 300 National Recreation Trails and many more trails around the country will be available during this next review.

Go to to learn more about this new project. Trail Explorer is scheduled for release in 2001. your passport to the world of trails

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