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SPRING 2002 — see articles below

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National Trails Symposium, November 10-13, 2002
2002 National Trails Awards presented by American Trails
Sponsors of the National Trails Symposium
Orlando, Florida hosts the 16th National Trails Symposium

New initiatives for trails and greenways
Trails nominated for National Recreation Trails designation
Working for the future of trails training and education: the National Trails Training Partnership
Register with the National Trails Training Partnership

Trail planning and construction techniques
Hybrid Contracting: extending resources with trail contractors, by Roger Bell
Building better asphalt trails, by Eric West, P.E.
Universal Trail Assessment Process work continues for 2002

Promoting Trails and Greenways
Winners of the First American Trails Website Contest
Trails for health movement gains national attention

Trails and people in the news
American Trails national office moves to Redding, California
Terry Whaley joins American Trails Board of Drectors
News from America's Trails

Trails for health movement gains national attention

"Communities that build walking and bicycle trails, initiate walking programs in malls, and fund public areas such as parks and sidewalks can boost activity levels in the US, study findings suggest."
--American Journal of Public Health, Dec. 6, 2001

Promoting community trails in Arizona

Agencies and organizations in Arizona are partnering with health care providers in many communities to encourage families and individuals to enjoy physical activity on local trails. Tammy Ball, Program Manager of Physical Activities for the Department of Health Services, notes that "Physical inactivity is among the top two preventable causes of death. National Trails Day is a great opportunity to promote hiking to improve the health of all individuals, regardless of age."

Arizona advocates say that trail use is a good way to increase physical activity and also enjoy the benefit of a relaxing and fun experience. The changing scenery and closeness to nature's beauty along a trail help keep the physical activity interesting and memorable. The trails in each community can become pathways to better health for all citizens.

A brochure containing a listing of the events being planned in Arizona's communities will be available in May from Annie McVay, the State Parks Trails Coordinator at (602) 542-4174. If you would like to plan a trail event in your own community, please contact McVay. For more information on hiking in Arizona or nationally see

Universal Trail Assessment Process work continues for 2002

The Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP) provides objective, accurate information about the conditions on a trail or in outdoor environments. The assessment results can provide trail users with the information that they need to accurately determine whether a particular trail meets their interests and abilities. Land managers can also use the information to identify areas where access may be limited and to determine whether a trail complies with the proposed accessibility guidelines (Access Board, 1999). Since 1998, American Trails has been working to implement the UTAP, developed by Beneficial Designs, throughout the US. To date, over 450 people have completed the UTAP workshop and become eligible for certification by American Trails.

The collaboration between American Trails and Beneficial Designs to expand the availability and implementation of the UTAP is continuing with the development of a UTAP Trainer Course. Completion of the 4 day trainer course enables certified Trail Assessment Coordinators to teach the UTAP workshops. Development of the UTAP Trainer Course is being done with the support of a grant from the US Department of Agriculture. Two UTAP Trainer Courses have already been completed, increasing the availability of UTAP Trainers from 5 to 25 people. Three additional courses are planned for April (Virginia), June (Minnesota), and August (Toronto, Canada). It is hoped that by the end of the training project, UTAP Trainers will be available throughout the US and in all federal land management agencies.

Anyone wishing additional information about UTAP Workshops or Trainer Courses should contact Kathy Mispagel, Trails Coordinator for Beneficial Designs, tel: 831-429-8447 ext. 113, fax: 831-423-8450, email:

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