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Tucson, Arizona, hosts 1998 National Trails Symposium

The next National Trails Symposium will be held November 13-17, 1998 at the Doubletree Hotel, Tucson, Arizona. The conference is sponsored every two years by American Trails. The local host for 1998 will be the Arizona State Committee on Trails of Arizona State Parks.

Tucson is an outstanding "Trails Town," and has something to offer every variety of trails enthusiast. The city is surrounded by 700,000 acres of local, state, and federal public lands-- including a national park and a large national forest-- with many miles of world-class hiking, mountain biking, equestrian, motorized, and accessible trails.

A cutting-edge program for the Symposium with a wide range of activities is under development. Many of America's important trails issues are being tackled in the Tucson area, such as public land access, growth and development, urban greenways, shared use of trails, mountain bike trails in national parks, volunteer development, and travel management on federal lands.

The 1998 Symposium will be chaired by Steve Anderson, Trails and Open Space Coordinator for Pima County, and Jim Coffman, Trails Planner for the City of Scottsdale and winner of the 1996 American Trails award for Trails Advocacy.