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A New American Trails Patron: BlueRibbon Coalition

By Clark Collins, Executive Director, BlueRibbon Coalition

The BlueRibbon Coalition works to protect and expand recreation opportunities while conserving natural resources. The membership represents the interests of over 500,000 motorized recreationists. Our land use program works directly with recreation providers to maintain and expand trails and roads for motorized and shared use recreation. We work extensively with federal public land managers, as well as agencies in states where there is little public land.

We also promote multiple use and cooperation among users. We seek to eliminate user conflict as a basis for discriminatory land management decisions.

Organized in 1987, the BlueRibbon Coalition has successfully combined the strength of the snowmobile, four wheelers, all-terrain vehicle, and off-highway motorcycle communities into a potent team. Snowmobilers in Illinois get involved in issues affecting motorcyclists in the California desert, 4X4 enthusiasts from Georgia, help protect snowmobiling in and around Yellowstone Park, OHV interests in Utah, and work with rock hounds (who use off highway vehicles in their activities) to block inappropriate Wilderness designation in their state.

Through our participation in the political and land management arenas, we work to improve the perception of motorized recreation. The primary means of communications for the BlueRibbon Coalition is BlueRibbon Magazine (circulation 15,000). Besides the membership, it is sent to every member of Congress, many state legislators, parks directors, major universities, and to most Forest Service and BLM land managers.

Working with land managers, diverse recreation interests, and natural resource industries, the BlueRibbon Coalition "Preserves our natural resource FOR the public instead of FROM the public."

For more information call (800)BLUE-RIB or visit the web site at:

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