The newsletter of AMERICAN TRAILS -- SPRING 1998

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The AMERICAN TRAILS Web site brings the trails to you

American Trails has had its World Wide Web site running for over a year now-- and we think everyone in the trails community will find it useful. Our goal is to provide timely news and action items, an archive of articles and documents, and links to trail resources in every state.

Once you put a bookmark at our site--

-- here's what you can access :

-- NEWS and ACTION: items of current interest, pending legislation, and action alerts which are updated frequently.

-- RESOURCES and LIBRARY: Articles on a wide range of trails topics are filed by subject, for you to read or print out from your own computer. Topics include Funding, Greenways, Motorized Trails, Rail Trails, Trail Construction and Management, and more.

-- AMERICA'S TRAILS State By State: A page for each of the 50 states and Canada's provinces is provided with active links to trail-related sites. One click will take you to any state's hiking and OHV clubs, greenway and rail trail sites, state and federal parks, and information on trails for horses, bikes, snowmobiles, etc. Nearly 400 of these links are in place and more are added every week.

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American Trails' Web site was built by Gary Sprung of the International Mountain Bicycling Association. It is sponsored by OutdoorLink, a creation of Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, and the Cedro Group, a state-of-the-art Web development company based in San Jose, California. They're on the Web at and the phone is (408) 261-6222

We are eager to keep adding good information and links to the site! If you have any submissions for news, action alerts, articles for the library, or links to other trails-oriented Web sites, please contact the Webmaster, Stuart Macdonald, at

More good sources of information on trails
HorseNet is an internet community for horse people, embracing all kinds of equestrian interests. It has areas for classified ads, event information, and links to many of the thousands of horse-related Web sites around the world. A new feature will be Pitchfork™, a search engine for "everything equine."
The Federal Highway Administration has unveiled a new web site for environmental resources related to ISTEA, the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality program, transportation conformity, wetlands, water quality initiatives and other topics.

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