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 SPRING 1998

News and Events
1998 National Trails Symposium -- You're invited!
National Trails awards nominations requested
Details and contacts for the National Trails Symposium
American Trails works with NPS to revitalize NRT program
Wide variety of groups support AMERICAN TRAILS
New Patron Member joins AMERICAN TRAILS

Trails of Interest
Cooperation opens trails: two stories from the front lines
News from America's trails state by state
People and trails in the news

Trails Action Articles

How agencies manage multi-use trails: user-group conflict and resource impact issues
Hit the Web: Marketing your trails and greenways program in cyberspace

Building cooperation: establishing communications and developing networks
Make elected officials hear and listen


Major funding for trails?

Trails legislation in Congress

Funding ideas from across the US
New resources and publications
Trails on the Internet....
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Calendar of trail events

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