The newsletter of AMERICAN TRAILS -- SPRING 1999

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Creating a vision for trails for the 21st Century

-- What is the state of America's nationwide trails system?
-- What is our shared vision of the future of trails?
-- What actions should we be pursuing to improve and develop America's trails?

These are some of the questions asked at the American Trails "Visioning" session at the recent National Trails Symposium. A diverse group of forward-looking activists in the trails community brainstormed the trends and issues that need most attention in the future. They analyzed current accomplishments and proposed actions for American Trails and the agencies and organizations we partner with. The following issues are grouped under larger topics:

Communications and education

Identity and integration

Reaching out and broadening our vision

Trail Culture

Implementing Our Decisions

Next Steps

Achieving a National System of Trails is a complex problem that requires access to a vast array of information, technology, ideas, and political support. Some of this information exists but is not easily found. Our challenge is to create, collect, and disseminate this vision to gain cooperation among all existing stakeholders and potential constituencies.

American Trails will convene further discussions to carry this work forward and organize efforts on behalf of realizing more nationwide progress in establishing trails as an essential part of America's physical and spiritual landscape.

A list of participants and more information on "a Vision for the 21st Century" is posted on the American Trails website at:

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